Is a Crash Inevitable?

Since many others have the same question, I highly recommend you read Armstrong’s answer.

There should be little doubt that the US will not be sheltered from the sovereign debt crisis that has only started to rear its ugly head, first in the PIIGS and is now moving on to the more indebted emerging economies and the BRICS. How bad will the spiraling vortex of debt and corruption get? The first thing one needs to understand to answer this question is, how will the govt treat protestors who voice their disgust over the black hole of govt corruption and largess that is imploding the productive capacity of the world? Will our govt treat protestors like those in Egypt, where 1,112 protestors have been sentenced to death, and more mass trials are scheduled. In predictable fashion, the US govt denounces these executions, but continues to send massive amounts of military aid to the junta in charge.

In another example of “do as I say, not as I do”, our highest court recently decided not to even hear the NDAA legal challenge to overturn President Obama’s Executive Order that gives him the right to arrest and indefinitely detain anyone, even American citizens. As the Rutherford Institute states, “In refusing to hear a legal challenge to the indefinite detention provision of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA), the United States Supreme Court has affirmed that the President and the U.S. military can arrest and indefinitely detain individuals, including American citizens. By denying without comment a petition for review in Hedges v. Obama, the high court not only passed up an opportunity to overturn its 1944 Korematsu v. United States ruling allowing for the internment of Japanese-Americans in concentration camps, but also let stand a lower court ruling empowering the President to use “all necessary and appropriate force” to indefinitely detain persons associated with or “suspected” of aiding terrorist organizations.”

As Armstrong (and maybe some of you) have experienced directly and written about often (i.e. herehere, here, etc), the Rule of Law no longer exist in the USA. Like Congress and the Executive Branch, the Judiciary in many key districts is owned by powerful govt-corporate interests, that some call corporatism, and posses similar traits as Fascist states. Whether it’s an American citizen being denied the right to be heard in a court of law, or the President controlling an Internet kill switch to shut down free speech, the govt can now defeat the Constitution when ever it desires.

There is no doubt that greater protest and civil unrest is headed our way when the economy turns down again after 2016. The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street protests were simply dress rehearsals. What will the govt do this time around?  Will the sheriff’s and police of this country decide to support their neighbors when the rights of protestors are violated, or will they take orders from above to protect their salaries and pensions?

I suppose there is the slim chance that some honorable govt employees will realize that their pensions are toast regardless, and do the right thing by defending the Constitution, which they swore to protect. However, based on the way the BLM treated Clivan Bundy, I would not bet my kids life on it.

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