Insider or Useful Idiot?

The so-called independent media continues to obstruct and lie about the massive fraud/corruption in govt and the economic destruction being caused by govt and their bosses in major corporations. For example, CBS reporter Cheryl Atkinson has resigned because of the out of control bias she witnessed and the difficulty of getting her hard-earned reports on air because they considered the truth about Obama. If you remember, Ms. Atkinson is the one that has been all over the Fast and Furious and Benghazi cover-ups, and “coincidentally” had her phone bugged by the govt.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard about Cheryl’s story, you may find it equally bizarre why you haven’t heard about the NSA masquerading as a Facebook server in order to infect users’ computers with Malware, which can spread to other Facebook users and collect files off their hard drives.

World run by sociopaths

On an equally disturbing note, the media continues to collaborate with the govt on lying about the true state of the economy. For example, the notion that our GDP is slumbering along at 2% growth is an utter falsehood. The headline layoff’s announced by Intel, JC Penny, Sony, Macy’s, Sikorsky, Sprint, Time, HP, EMC, Zynga, JP Morgan, IBM, Deere, Sam’s Club, Yankee Candle, and Staples in the last 2 1/2 months should be sufficient to say something is amiss. Following the first rule of propaganda, the Democratic establishment outlandishly still promotes jobs and the economy as their path to victory in November.

The Republican establishment points to the stock market, when they, along with the talking heads on CNBC know the true situation. For God’s sake, even the Fed talks out of both sides of their mouth, as their data on their own web site says exactly the opposite of what they say. Want proof – let’s do the simple math, shall we?

4Q 2013 GDP: $17.081 trillion.

4Q 2012 GDP: $16.420 trillion.

GDP Increase: $661 billion, or 4% annual increase.  EXCEPT –

The Fed added $1.112 Trillion in debt/credit, which was backed by ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. This devaluation of our currency represents a debasement of the GDP units by 6.51%.

Therefore, the real change in GDP growth (contraction) was -2.51% (4%-6.51%), which means we are really in a recession. Just as capital is transitioning from public to private, the stock market is in the process of flipping with the bond market as the flight to safety. For over 30 years, when capital got scared it fled to govt bonds, particularly US Treasuries. With interest rates manipulated to near zero and govt insolvency a foregone conclusion, scared capital is parking in the tangible assets of companies that will survive the sovereign debt crisis that will spread from Europe to Japan, and then the US. Just as the Great Depression followed the roaring 20’s, stocks are not forecasting an improving economy – it’s quite the opposite.

You have the “useful idiots” in Congress and Corporate America now complaining about the NSA when it spies on them, when they have been the biggest supporters and collaborators in the past. First it was California Senator, Diane Feinstein – who may be the most dangerous politician (right after Obama, McCain and Lindsay Graham), who was shocked (I tell you, shocked) to find out the NSA spied on her office; then we have Facebook Founder/CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, surprised to find out they were also being duped by the NSA.

In December I wrote about the irony of high-tech companies complaining about the lost business due to the insecure “back door” access, that these same companies sold to the NSA. The reason I call these politicians and corporate execs “useful idiots” is they think they are on the inside, when in fact they are being exploited by the “Fourth Branch“, which President Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell address. Specifically, he warned of the:

 “grave implications” of “the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.” … and

“The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.”

As Guardian reporter, Glenn Greenwald (who was channeled by Snowden), recently reported

The revelations of a global system of blanket surveillance have come as a great surprise to hundreds of millions of citizens around the world whose governments were operating these systems without their knowledge. But they also came as a surprise to many high-ranking political officials in countries around the world who were previously ignorant of those programs, a fact which the NSA seems to view as quite valuable in ensuring that its surveillance activities remain immune from election outcomes and democratic debate.

I’m not sure where all the backlash will lead, but it’s a very safe bet that the “Deep State”, the Statist collaboration between govt and large corporate donors, will continue to protect their selfish interest at the expense of Main Street and the average wage earner. It is also highly likely that without replacing the establishment (starting with the Nov mid-terms), the ultra-secretive Fourth Branch of govt (think NSA) will operate unimpeded as they serve their interest, which only another sociopath could understand. and has a very good chance of starting another World War.

At a minimum, the need to spy on individuals, politicians, and corporations in an attempt to maintain power and control is creating a culture of distrust that’s modifying social behaviors, society, and capital flows. The volatility that is created by capital flying around the world trying to find a safe haven is leaving the 99% in its wake. As weight is added to the govt boat, the wake of corruption will grow and so will the public protests and the need for govt’s to point the finger at some foreign boogeyman. Paying now for a little public involvement would seem to be cheaper than paying later when govt gets involved. After all, standing armies are a waste unless employed.

“I do not see a military option (in Ukraine) and it’s tragic.” – John McCain, 3/7/2014

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