If You Need Further Proof (or a quick history lesson)…

Here ya go:

If a bank goes belly up, the EU will limit cash withdrawals to 100-200 Euros per day (Google Translate is not the best, but you’ll get it).  This was exactly the bail-in template used in Cyprus, and it will also happen in the U.S. How are you going to escape an oppressive country when you can’t get access to your money?

You can’t change the demographic cycles, just like you can’t change weather cycles, but that will not stop politicians from thinking they are Gods. This excellent historical perspective from Mr. Armstrong reminds us that everything goes in cycles. Increased prosperity leads to fewer births, which leads to fewer people to support the elderly and future growth. Martin also reveals the other source of funds that will drive stocks to the upper boundary of the Jaws of Death pattern.

In addition to the capital fleeing Europe and Japan; all the money that is parked in pension funds earning next to nothing due to the Fed manipulating rates lower to keep the banks from blowing up (which is making it impossible to meet pension return requirements), will start pouring out of low-earning fixed income and into riskier investments, like stocks. This will provide the parabolic move that always proceeds bubbles, and of course wipes out the pensioners and all the others that chased higher returns when the bubble pops.

When the current pullback concludes, it could be a great investment opportunity – if you can get out in time and/or you have your shares registered in your name (not Street name, as is the norm).

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