If Bundy is Ignorant, then O’Reilly & Beck are Spittoons

It’s not only the govt that’s scared and getting desperate. Their suckling’s in the so-called conservative and libertarian media are also showing their true colors. The latest tactic by the establishment media, that will sell their soul at the drop of a dollar, is to smear Clivan Bundy in an attempt to distract the masses from the truth.

Your clue that the establishment is seriously worried is when all sides of the establishment-controlled media begin singing from the same sheet of music. “Cattle Gate” is the latest example. Have you noticed how EVERYONE in the establishment media now wants you to reject the real issue of govt over-reach, because Mr. Bundy had his comments taken out of context on a valid point – that the so-called “social justice” policies pumped by Democrats have done nothing for blacks and made them slaves to the establishment? Please listen to the UNEDITED version, and you tell me who is the racist … because it isn’t Clivan Bundy. The one truth that you can take to the bank is if everyone in the mainstream media is singing the same tune, then the music was composed by the establishment and you should change the station immediately.

Pitting the Right versus the Left to distract the masses from uncovering the truth is an age-old tactic of the establishment. The Fox angle of pretending to be “fair and balanced” was a recognition by the establishment that they needed to shine a little light on issues that common sense made brainwashing of the masses difficult. Social issues like race, religion, and abortion are popular distractive topics. When they are forced to engage in topics that are more central to their control like war, debt, and credit creation, then they tee-up the topic so they can deflect blame and monopolize solutions that benefit them and advance their control.

Stumbling across a problem does not give one credibility when it comes to identifying the source of the problem or the solution. For example, let’s take the obvious problem of the weak economy. The Left faction of the establishment blames the wealthy and recommends taxing the “rich” and redistributing to the “poor”.  These socialistic policies ignore the fact that the capital used for growing businesses and creating jobs is free to relocate and hoard, which reduces tax revenue to help the poor. The Left establishment also conveniently forgets to mention that the govt is like a fraudulently managed charity that siphons off more of the benefits than what reaches those in need. Since they control the redistribution of what’s left over, it also makes them susceptible to bribes and blackmail.

The Right faction of the establishment correctly blames big govt and burdensome regulations for the weak economy. However, these Corporatist supporters fail to admit they accept favors and bribes that protects their donors from competitive forces and the rule of law that are essential for free-market capitalism (which they pretend to advocate). These closet fascist are also the biggest supporters of the FBI, CIA, NSA and military, which they claim are protecting our liberties and homeland, when in fact they are used to conduct false flags, find money for the govt, and support the “asset stripping” tactics in foreign lands that has turned most of the world against the US govt.

Self-awareness, empathy, and foresight are not, unfortunately, high in the ordered skill set of narcissists.

 If Europe had any decency, leadership, and moral courage they would take the US financial system’s car keys, sit them down in the kitchen, pour black coffee down their throats until they sober up, and then arrange for an extended intervention. 

 And they need to do it because the American people themselves have fallen into a slumber of indifference and denial about what is being done in their name, and how the world sees their elite. — Arthur Cutten (Jesse’s Cafe’ Americain)

Beck and O’Reilly’s attempts to use the race card to portray Mr. Bundy as an ignorant country bumpkin used to be a tactic reserved for the Left. So, you know if the mouthpieces of the so-called conservatives and libertarians are using the same strategy, then you know the average American is getting a little to close to the truth – that govt and their paid propaganda arms will do ANYTHING to protect themselves instead of reforming.

I don’t recall the exact incident that exposed Beck as a tool of the establishment, but I do remember it was while he was still at Fox. However, it was during an appearance on The O’Reilly F*cker last December, that Beck once again showed his true colors. In my coverage of the interview, I stated:

Since Glenn does and says so many good things, I don’t know whether to give him the benefit of the doubt, and simply chalk it up to economic ignorance; or is his home spun, old-fashioned values just another one of his acting shtick’s, meant to make it easier to put rings through the noses of the Sheeple so they can be led down the path to serfdom?


It should be clear to anyone that wants to pull their head out of the sand that Beck and O’Reilly are nothing more than shill’s for the establishment, and don’t deserve to even serve as a spittoon for Bundy. The vilification of those that stand up to the abusive force of the govt is a clear sign that we are spiraling in the wrong direction. Back in 1997, Ron Paul warned us of the excessive arming of govt employees, including the BLM. People like Beck and O’Really are not on the side of the people, and will be judged harshly by history, and should be held to account.

Alex Jones covers the Beck misdirection attempt nicely, but all you really need to know is the reason the govt and the propagandist in the media want to squash Bundy and avoid covering the issue is because they don’t want independent thinking people to find out why this event could turn into another Waco or Ruby Ridge.

If you do your own research, then you already know the connection to Eric Holder, and the other PATCON operations of the FBI (i.e. OKC Bombing, Fast and Furious, etc.). When the govt botches its diabolical operations; most recently in Ukraine, Benghazi, and Syria; there is NOTHING they won’t do to cover it up, which is why a retired FBI agent was told to “stay away from that shit” for “PATCON will get you killed — it’s national security.”

Sacrificing Americans like Ambassador Stevens and his colleagues, or Seal Team 6 that supposedly killed Bin Laden are just the tip of the iceberg of what our govt has sadly become … and brave Americans like Clivan Bundy are more than tired of it. The miscalculation made by the establishment is the same one learned by our foes in WWI and WWII. A cause that you are willing to die for cannot be manufactured. One either believes in it, or they don’t. The USA won the wars because American’s believed in the spirit of freedom and liberty more than the enemy believed in the repressive policies of the Nazi’s and Fascists.

The establishment can pay sell-outs to support their desire to maintain power, and even employ foreigner’s to use deadly force against protestors when police and soldiers refuse to shoot their follow citizens. However, they will lose, just like the Stasi in E. Germany, because the passion to be free has always been stronger than the false safety of serfdom.

If you’ve never seen “V For Vendetta”, and don’t know the story behind the Guy Fawkes mask, the movie is being televised this Tuesday, April 29th, at 8pm EST on WGN America.


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