How “Trailer-trash” Hillary Will Crash & Burn

How do powerful people typically crash and burn? In a word, hubris.

After decades of getting away with murder, literally, the Billary cycle is rolling over and is set to implode like all bubbles that have been artificially inflated. Many have been forecasting Hillary’s decline ever since Hillarycare, but they did not foresee how many math-impaired Sheeple the Dept of Education has produced over the last four decades. Others thought the Ukrainian false-flag or Benghazi gun running to Syrian “freedom fighters” (that became ISIS) was enough to sink the USS Hillary, but they forget how well the “war on terror” propaganda sells in a highly patriotic county like the US. Finally, Hillary certainly could not beat the wrap for running all of her correspondence through a private server run out of a bathroom closet, could she? Well, even after seeing so many vote for a President simply because he was half-black, even though he had no experience or record of implementing change, the “Hillary truther’s” failed to comprehend how many would vote for a woman, simply because she was a bi-sexual that can surf the coat-tails of her sleazeball husband.

When you’ve gotten away with so much for so long, one tends to think that the law doesn’t apply to them, which is also the problem with the banksters, and the industrial complexes in the military and health care sector. Fortunately, the court of public opinion doesn’t care how many people you know in high places, and the jury is getting ready to see evidence on the silver screen they have likely never before seen.

The “Clinton Cash” book we foretold would be the nail in the coffin over a year ago, is getting ready to debut in Cannes before the election for the world to see. People can only hold their nose for so long before they need a big breath of fresh air, and this movie will actually have people forgetting about the FBI investigation and screaming for Trump to change Hillary’s tagline from “crooked” to “Trailer Trash”.

As predicted, Joe “Walter” Biden best be practicing his teleprompter reading skills. Sorry Bernie, anyone that has studied history will never vote for a Socialist, nor will the establishment that is owned by banksters. How can Hillary possibly obtain respect around the world after the world sees her fraudulent ways?

Of course, like most in govt, the Clinton’s will not go down without a fight. The tactic of turning truth into conspiracy theories to discredit the facts is old hat, just as discrediting the witness, as was done in the Vince Foster case. The Foster case is just one of many cases the govt can sweep under the carpet because the masses can’t handle the truth. After all, why risk having one’s world turned upside down by finding out that the entity relied upon for craddle to grave care is actually a despicable cancer to society? Armstrong provides a glimpse behind the curtain of the Foster “conspiracy” that no one should read if they hope to maintain their blind faith in govt. Regardless, the media will not be able to sweep the Clinton Cash under the rug.

The media’s complicity in the Foster case seems mild compared to current events (i.e. Fast & Furious, Bengazi, Ukraine, Syria, Obamacare, NSA data gathering, IRS targeting, Clinton server,etc., ect., etc.). Anyone that has seen House of Cards knows how Hollywood turns villainous infamous characters, like Frank and Claire Underwood, into admirable actors. Someone deserves an Emmy for turning Hillary into anything but Trailer Trash. The Billary stock is making lower highs and lower lows, which is a clear signal it is getting ready to fall off a cliff.

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