Leverett Will Never Again be Seen on Mainstream TV

The fact that Obama and the mainstream media still state “beliefs” as unequivocal facts is why both have no credibility. It’s clear that the “herd mentality” propaganda tactic is still alive and well in the USA.

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If the facts were so clear that Assad used chemical weapons against his own people, then why isn’t the international community and Congress convinced? As Ms. Leverett said, “The rest of the world does not believe what we’re saying for good reason. We made it up last time”. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.

Obama’s entire case for military intervention is predicated on Assad using chemical weapons, yet we still have not seen or heard one shred of documented evidence. On the other hand, there is plenty of evidence that others outside the regime used crude chemical weapons. We have also seen the horrific videos of Christians being slaughtered by the rebels we will be helping (including beheadings, mass executions, the eating of organs, and a little girl being cut to pieces by a saw while she was still alive). The fact that Obama wants to support Al-Qaeda should alone be sufficient to say he’s nuts and we should not intervene.

Obama pleaded with his audience tonight to go look at the videos of the people gassed by undocumented assailants, while ignoring the videos of our known “allies” committing even worse atrocities. Only hubris and the strong belief in the herd mentality can explain why they think they can pull this crap all over again. Obama’s problem is he does not have a bell cow to lead the herd. All that’s left are rode hard put away wet politicians like Kerry and McCain that the world views as the blind leading the blind.

If you go to the 3:38 mark of this MSNBC segment, you’ll know why O’Reilly, or anyone else in the media that’s carrying the water for the establishment, will never have Hillary Mann Leverett on their show, ever. I hope she has only filed exceptionally pristine IRS tax returns. (Hillary Mann Leverett is a Middle East expert that served in high positions in both the George W. Bush White House and the Bill Clinton State Department.)


Obama is certainly not the only politician that is unfamiliar with the truth, but he is our current Liar and Chief, and as this recent Forbes articles states, what happens when you can’t believe a thing the President says? There have already been so many bold face lies (i.e. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, “shovel-ready projects”, Obama’s “red line”, growth of federal employees, NSA, etc.); how are we supposed to believe his claims that Assad is responsible for using the chemical weapons, or there will be “no boots on the ground”?

Economies that rely on fiat money are dependent on trust and confidence in their governments. Once the trust goes, so does the faith and willing buyers of debt, which like any Ponzi scheme, results in the collapse of the system.

Lastly, the idea that Iran, N. Korea, and others will not take us seriously if we back down on Syria is total BS. What are we going to do, toss all of our Tomahawk’s and bunker-busters, or stop developing ever more deadly weapons? Besides, Iran has elected a moderate that wants to normalize relations with the West. Military action in Syria would destabilize the region and likely flip the balance back to the hardliners in Iran. What if this is what Obama and the establishment really want? This is the only thing that makes their decisions and statements sensical.

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