Hillary and Her Supporters will Destroy the Economy

First, I want to get one thing on the table. Many career Republicans have played a big roll in destroying the economy and our society by falling for the propaganda of patriotism that has been used to sell every war since WWII. Most Presidential candidates continue to play the nationalistic patriot card, even though it should be obvious that the conflicts are fought for the self-interest of bureaucrats, and have little to do with protecting the homeland.

However, Hillary represents a special kind of evil that is only possessed by the most crooked of career politicians. As reported by acclaimed investigative journalist, Sharyl Attkison, Hillary broke the law setting up her own server as Secretary of State, and then in the cover-up of the scandal. She was also directly responsible for the gun running to the Syrian rebels that became ISIS, and resulted in the Benghazi massacre, that killed the gun running point man, Ambassador Stevens. Yet, too many voters will cast their vote for this disgrace of a human being and to womanhood. Why?

What is even more ironic is that the Occupy Wall Street crowd, which were mostly Dems, want to vote for the banksters favorite candidate. Fannie and Freddie were bailed out to save Hillary’s banksters, yet the Dem’s, who claim to hate Wall Street, will cast their hypocritical vote for a candidate that has more trouble with the truth than Nixon. Hillary claims the voters don’t care what is in the transcripts of her $250,000 speeches to Goldman Sachs … and I’m sure the Saudi’s will say no one cares about the undisclosed 28-pages in the 9/11 report. While very few investigative journalist earn their money, one person that does work double-time is Hillary’s make-up artist, who has two faces to make-up.

Term limits, which eliminates anyone from running for office that already held office, would exclude career politicians like Hillary, who will absolutely destroy what’s left of our economy by imposing higher taxes on an economy that’s on Fed support. Since civil unrest and war always follows economic declines, she will also have no trouble taking us into another unnecessary war.

Democrats, who do not understand how an economy functions, may be asking, how will Hillary destroy the economy? Well, I’m glad you asked.

A robust economy depends on trust and confidence for the free-flow of ideas and capital. A growing govt depends on reducing freedoms and rights, as it gets more aggressive in the hunt for other people’s money, which erodes trust and confidence, and is the foundation for the anti-establishment movements in the US, France, Germany, Austria, and Spain, just to mention a few.

When you elect someone that is a known fraudster, it further undermines trust and confidence. The capital that’s needed to finance business opportunities abhors the risk that is associated with distrust and the lack of confidence. The result is capital gets off the grid, and finds safer havens to earn a return, like investing in financial assets that do nothing for growing businesses. This trend has been picking up steam over the last eight years as the banksters were bailed out, and the political establishment continues to protect their self-interest at the expense of the economy.

As much as I would prefer Trump to win the election, Hillary truly deserves the fate of what lies ahead. Although, she will most certainly be the one that throws out the totalitarian lifeboat. I hope Trump will be a beacon for freedom, and will inspire others to step up to the plate. God knows we will need all the freedom fighters we can get.

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