Govt: The Ultimate Assault Weapon

Constitutional Neglect

If you are thinking about jumping on the “ban assault weapons” bandwagon, you should at least watch this short video to know why the people in small towns, that cling to their guns and religion, have such antipathy towards politically-correct, liberal know-it-alls, that have no experience in what they preach. BTW, the Army uses the hotter loaded 5.56mm round in M16’s, which is not safe in the standard AR-15 with a .223 barrel.

If we want to reverse the upward trend of nut jobs committing mass murder, then it would seem fairly obvious that we have to reduce the number of nut jobs, and the reasons that cause them to lose it. We could ban all “assault weapons” tomorrow and actually have competent law enforcement, but unless we work on the root problems, triggered people will use cars, trucks, knives, bombs, shotguns, handguns and anything else they can find to act out their frustrations, delusions, anger at the world, and most importantly, the side effects from the anti-psychotic drugs pushed on our kids by the health care industrial complex.

Insane people, like criminals, could give two sh*ts about laws, and those that think more laws are going to do anything have sh*t for brains, or they are simply letting emotions cloud their judgment. All one would need to do is go to the inner city of Chicago, Baltimore, DC, or any other liberal mecca that has the nations toughest gun laws, and ask all the criminals you meet if they passed a background check to obtain the weapon with which they will assault you.

It’s normal for events like a school shooting to demand an immediate response, be it revenge or any action that makes one feel more in control and that something is being done. I remember having that feeling after 9-11, and the political hacks that never let a crisis go to waste also know normal people have that feeling; which is why we have been in the longest undeclared war that has murdered countless innocent people, and have had our rights destroyed by the unPatriot Act.

The only emotion that’s easier to exploit than revenge is saving the planet, which is why the establishment propaganda focuses so much on gloBull warming and banning guns. After all, who wants pollution or guns in the hands of nut-jobs. The issue is pollution does not cause global warming, and banning guns does not keep them out of the hands of people that want them, nor does it make an insane person sane. However, you can be assured that govt actions will make the problem worse.

If people understood the govts true motives for banning guns and selling gloBull warming, they would know the real nut jobs reside in the halls of power. This is why the Founders made the 2nd Amendment the second most important after free speech. It’s also a testament to our govt-run educational system that so many people are so ignorant of the Constitution, which is the foundation behind why so many people from around the world want to come to the USA.

The gloBull warming propaganda is all about taxes and population control, and govt must ban guns to impose their will as they get increasingly desperate for other people’s money after the govt debt bubble pops. If govt can’t sell their debt, where else do you think they’re going to get the money to maintain their jobs, perks, and power? Do you think people will take it sitting down when their pensions, IRA’s, 401K’s, and cash are looted by govt “to save the Republic”? Yes, bail-in’s are coming, and if you don’t know what they are, well, it’s not an accident.

The folks with a knowledge of history and an appreciation for the experience of our Founding Fathers know exactly what govt is capable of, which is why there is nothing that will start a civil war faster than trying to ban guns in the USA – other than maybe trying to fraudulently impeach or assassinate Trump.

If you want a behind the curtain perspective on the Mueller investigation, and its obvious attempt to bring down Trump and put the establishment back in the driver’s seat, I suggest the post below from Armstrong:

There are many societal issues that must be addressed, like providing proper care for the mentally ill, and our children, by providing the proper upbringing to make them respectful, thoughtful, caring, and hard working. Citizens must also be protected or be able to protect themselves by eliminating gun-free zones, like schools and movie theaters, that makes all of us sitting ducks. However, the single most important variable that causes people to lose it is the economy. As global trends forecaster, Gerald Celente, says: when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it. And, if you think people are losing it now, wait until the financial system implodes and govt renigs on its pension promises, and mentally ill people can’t get their meds because supply chains are interrupted due to the unavailability of short term credit.

Excessive govt is a black hole for an economy, and a govt that must borrow more than $1 trillion per year and has a debt to GDP ratio over 100% certainly qualifies as excessive. The govt black hole is going to start sucking very hard when interest rates rise, which is already underway.

The current average interest rate the govt pays on its debt is between 1-2%. A simple reversion to the mean (around 4% on a 10-year treasury bond) will more than double our interest expense, shooting it over $1 trillion per year. The scary part is when the sovereign default contagion starts to spread, rates are going to shoot much higher. This is the primary reason the Fed kept rates so low for so long, and was willing to sacrifice those dependent on fixed income.

The primary purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to protect people’s right to defend themselves against criminals and tyrannical govt’s. It is not to defend the right to hunt, which was as common as breathing in the 1700’s. However, the establishment is actually trying to link gun rights to hunting, which they wouldn’t even attempt unless they thought people had mush for brains.

If the establishment and their useful idiots have a sliver of sanity they need to realize they can impeach or assassinate Trump, renig on pensions, impose bail-ins, make up polls, and ban logical comments on social media, but they will never take the guns from living Patriots.


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