California small business owners were ordered to pay back millions in tax breaks.

“CBS Sacramento reports the state promised the tax breaks for opening certain  kinds of businesses five years ago, but a court ruled the practice  unconstitutional in December”

Socialist, and the others that think that govt is the answer, are quick to call business owners greedy. It’s govt that has a unquechable thirst for other people’s money, and they are the reason we will crash and burn by 2016, because they refuse to look at themselves as the source of the problem.

Small business will go bankrupt if they fail to address their problems. Govt simply denies or deflects the problem, and then raises your taxes to cover their incompetency. When the money is gone, instead of reforming themselves (which would require real work), they find more invasive tactics to get more of your money. These tactics, which include surveying and confiscating all your digital information, drives capital underground and off-shore, as it seeks friendlier confines.

Sustainable economic growth requires real capital, not debt and leverage. Everything the govt is doing to preserve their power and perks is decreasing the availability of capital. The more capital that’s hoarded, the slower the growth, and the smaller the tax receipts, which causes govt to further tighten the screws. This death spiral is how nations collapse into tyranny, and we will be no different unless we are prepared to take back our Constitutional govt after we crash and burn.

Govt is a Black Hole that will eventually consume everything, if you let it. The Broker They Get – The More Desperate They Become.

Do not get caught unprepared, when over some weekend in the not to distant future, there is a “bank holiday” that results in retirement accounts getting nationalized and replaced with worthless sovereign paper and many taking haircuts on their cash deposits as the result of a “bail-in” to once again save the banks.

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