Govt Can’t Manipulate Nature or the Economy

This example out of China demonstrates the futility, hubris, and ignorance of govt. At best, one could call it good intentions. Unfortunately, as we will get to witness first hand in the next four years, the path to Hell is paved with good intentions. Central Bankers, Govts, hedge fund managers, or one-world govt wannabe’s cannot manipulate the business cycle or the cycles of nature. Profits can be manipulated within the trend and clouds can be seeded to produce rain or reduce hail, but the cycles of human and mother nature cannot be eliminated or managed, anymore than the wavelengths of light and sound, and all forms of matter and energy.

March 2016 marks the beginning of an increased earthquake cycle in California. Like sunspot activity that is set to decline for a few decades, producing a Maunder minimum and a mini ice age; Govt’s, corporations, or a cabal of elites cannot manipulate nature, the climate, or the business cycle, much less manage it.

Politicians have relied on convincing voters they have Devine power to manage everything, even though they have proven to be incapable of even managing a lemonade stand, much less a global economy. The fact is the govt would rather rob a little girls lemonade stand, than admit a mistake or reform. Their excuse is always that you just haven’t given them enough money, no matter if they’ve already raided Social Security or a highway maintenance fund. Fortunately, an increasing number of voters are realizing that the people who produced the mountains of debt, fraud, and misallocated capital are NOT going to be the ones to fix our problems.

The mainstream media, establishment politicians, and crony capitalists that are dependent on maintaining the status quo do not realize that their desperate fight is not against Trump, but a trend that has already begun and has another 15-20 years to play out. It is the collapse of socialist-style govt’s and the transfer from public debt to private capital.

Trump has picked up the baton from Ross Perot, and is a symbol of American’s disgust with the establishment, just as Farage is in Great Britain and Le Pen is in France. The unleashing of Romney by the desperate Republican establishment may have awaken the silent giant majority, and Judge Jeanine appears to be headed down the same career path as Dylan Ratigan, who also decided to speak the truth. If Fox and Trump could exercise the Holy War Ghost, they might be able capture a majority.

the reality is Govt’s ability to finance itself has come to an end. Although they will try to take rates negative, and eliminate cash to force unlimited taxation, there are limits to how much blood can be squeezed out of a stone. As we are seeing in the Middle East and other areas where govt has destroyed economies, when the people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.

The establishment may be able to fraudulently derail Trump (even through a mysterious accident), or insert a more acceptable stooge like Romney (assuming “Florida’s Best”, Rubio, who is in the pocket, and pants, of the Health Care and Homeland Security industrial complexes; or Cruz, who is literally in bed with Goldman Sachs, are not anointed through a brokered convention), but hundreds of Trumps won’t be able to be knocked off in the 2018 Congressional elections. The trend is your friend, and it’s already in motion all over the globe.

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