Globalist / Establishment Plan to Ban Truth Tellers

As expected, the globalist are showing their desperate colors. I warned that these psycho Collectivist were not going to go quietly into the night after Brexit or Trump, and they would dig in their heels to protect their perks and power. Well, as Alex Jones articulates, the info wars has just begun, as the establishment is trying to ban free speech.

People that don’t look globally think the Trump victory was a one-off phenomena. Ivory tower outlets like Harvard are still trying to dissect how on earth Trump could have won, when all they needed to do was take their head out of their ass long enough to smell the coffee. Anti-establishment and separatist movements have been brewing for decades around the world, because top-down authoritarian / fascist decisions have been destroying economies.

Revolutions are always preceded by economic collapse, and the elites across the West have been doing their best to destroy economies with their debt-based economic system and destruction of competition to benefit their big corporate donors. Now, the propagandist are trying to tell us that the truth tellers are the “fake news”, just as they tried to paint Snowden and Assange as traitors.

After Brexit, then Trump, and now Hollande bowing out of the French elections, the globalist know the writing is on the wall. So, they will tear down the wall of freedom if necessary to protect their Collectivist “dream” to rule the world. If the Italian referendum fails tomorrow, Renzi is toast, and anti-establishment (EU) candidates will yank Italy out of the EU just like the UK did and reestablish the Lira. Merkel is so desperate to maintain her sliver of a chance to win another term in Germany that she vowed to deport 100,000 refugees, that she unilaterally allowed to enter the EU, with her open boarders policy, just like Obama and Clinton would have done.

If you are confused by the Trump victory, and are not familiar with the global trend against the establishment, now might be a good time to start digging under the surface of the mainstream media propaganda. The trend of economic confidence is transitioning before your eyes, and there is nothing that bureaucrats can do, but that doesn’t mean they won’t sacrifice society to try and save themselves. The govt debt, that the establishment has relied on to build their façade of prosperity, has literally run out of rope.

After 35 years of declining rates, which permitted ever-increasing amounts of debt to be created without increasing interest expense, the gig is up. The Fed has kept rates near zero since the financial collapse, and now rates are starting to rise – not because of increased economic activity, but because the risk of govt defaults is rising. As rates and the dollar continue to rise through 2017-2018, foreign entities holding mountains of dollar-based debts are going to see their balance sheets blown sky high. Their sovereign debt defaults will collapse their debt-based economies, sending more capital fleeing to the relative safety of the dollar (for the short term) – exacerbating the problem.

The globalist will use the economic and currency crisis to tighten their totalitarian grip on countries. Taking away free speech and guns are viewed as necessary steps for these sociopaths, which must be confronted at every step. Pay close attention, the propagandist are getting ready to pull out all stops – even Obama wants to continue his propaganda after he leaves office.

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