Global Warming – An Inconvenient Lie

Starting on Monday, September 3rd, G. Edward Griffin provides a well-researched production called, Global Warming – An Inconvenient Lie, which documents the colossal fraud of “global warming”.  A good primer is provided by a Nobel Laureate in Physics, in his speech titled, Global Warming is Pseudoscience. Beyond the obvious hoax of gloBull warming, we will later discuss why you should care that politicians and other establishment sociopaths choose to lie to your face, instead of looking in the mirror and reforming.

Hockey Stick

Some may recall the infamous “hockey stick” chart above that was used to kick-start the propaganda avalanche behind global warming. There is only one problem with the chart – it’s total BS, like the majority of manipulated data used to sell the biggest tax scam ever attempted by govt. When the creator of the “hockey stick”, Michael Mann, was forced to produce his data and methodology in court, he was a no-show, choosing to pay a fine and suffer jail time for being found in contempt of court. Dr. Tim Ball, who won the high-profile legal battle against Michael Mann, is one of the presenters in the Inconvenient Lie video.Even though we have seen fewer hurricane’s over the last decade when gloBull warming was pushed the hardest, the fraudsters have been out in force trying to exploit the devastating tragedy of Hurricane Harvey. They say gloBull warming produced this once in 1000-year event. What caused the massive flooding 1000 years ago, before the invention of the internal combustion engine?

The gloBull warming fraud is indicative of what plagues societies around the globe. Career politicians and their establishment swamp dwellers will do anything to maintain the status quo that enriches them at the expense of everyone else. The problem is capital abhors fraud, corruption, and taxes, which has grown exponentially due the Credibility Trap and Control Fraud, which is why the economy is stuck in the mud and civil unrest is rising. Govt’s around the world, that have relied on debt, lies, and a belief that the depth of people’s pockets are endless, are acting like there are no consequences when they act like a black hole, sucking society down the drain.

Propaganda and fake news are the marketing strategy for fraud, and abusing the rule of law is a key tactic, but the life blood of govt fraud and corruption is taxes, which is why western broke govt’s are so desperate to tax carbon, instead of simply enforcing existing pollution laws. What most do not appreciate is the impact that fraud, corruption, taxes, and the unequal enforcement of the rule of law has on the capital needed for job growth. There’s a reason capital does not invest in Venezuela and North Korea. Our unconstitutional progressive tax system is also a capital impediment, but that’s a topic for another time. However, just think about it, if your landlord had the right to arbitrarily raise your rent if you got a raise, would you sign the lease?

Since 1980, govt has grown faster than the economy and incomes. Is it any surprise that Americans pay more in taxes than they do for food and clothing, combined? Add in the other expenses that have grown faster than incomes, like govt-subsidized health care, and it should be obvious why Americans have seen their disposable incomes decline for over 30 years. It should also be obvious why civil unrest has been rising. After all, when people lose everything and have nothing left to loose, they tend to lose it.

This business model is not sustainable for any country, especially for one dependent on consumer spending. However, the establishment is obviously not interested in solving the problem, as it involves flushing themselves down the toilet. Therefore, the only thing they care about, after staying in office, is extracting even more money from your pocket. Taxing the space you live and work, and how you get from home to work, is the wet dream of the gloBull warming propagandist. Why does anyone believe this BS, or anything else that spews from career politicians, mainstream media, and the corporate donors that buy their govt protection?

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