The NSA Has NO Terrorist Stops to Its Credit

First, it was Snowden’s sacrifice that proved Director Clapper lied under oath when he said the NSA was not collecting any data on millions of Americans. Clapper also assured the American people (and Congress) that this program was not only lawful, but it had stopped hundreds of terrorist plots – remember?

Now, General Alexander admitted in his own words in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee that “one, perhaps two” plots were thwarted, which is also doubtful. When pressed by Senator Leahy to admit that only 13 of the 54 cases the NSA bragged about had any connection at all to U.S. terror plots, the General said,”yes”. It was during this line of questioning when Alexander acknowledged that only one or perhaps two of even those 13 cases had been foiled with help from the NSA’s vast phone records database.

So, if the NSA; who just completed a $2 billion server farm in Utah that can hold ALL the world’s data many times over, and is paying all the major service providers to supply back door access to phone records; is not snooping on the American people to stop terrorist, then why?

NSA server farm

As many, including Twisted, have documented ad nauseum ever since the NSA scandal surfaced, the NSA activities are not about stopping terrorist, it’s about serving the interest of govt, which is totally separate and usually diametrically opposed to the interest of the American people. Even more important than serving the interest of their corporate donors, the primary interest of politicians has always been their own survival, perks and power. When they run out of money to accomplish these ends, they turn on the folks to extract as much money as possible through whatever means possible. They are so desperate and ignorant to realize that taking even more money from the productive class slows the economy more, thereby reducing tax revenue, and perpetuating this self-induced downward spiral.

The reason the folks always think these statements are conspiratorial is because they seldom dig past the propaganda headlines for fear their world may be turned upside down, or it takes them away from their Dancing with the Stars time.  The Justice Dept has not prosecuted the NSA for violating the Constitution (or lying under oath), for the same reason they’ve never addressed the Fast & Furious and Banksters frauds, or Benghazi and Syria (where our govt is running guns and sophisticated weaponry to the same terrorist the NSA is supposed to be fighting).  It’s the same reason the western bankers have collaborated to hunt down their citizen’s money, which now makes it virtually impossible for an American to open a foreign bank account. It’s the same reason western govt’s conspire to convince their citizens that global warming is man made so they can extort a carbon tax. These people hope the folks will never question how the earth warmed after the Ice Age without man?

It’s all about the money – specifically, the money the govt needs to maintain their perks, power, and position. It’s been they same issue throughout history, and right now the bankrupt and desperate western governments are destroying themselves from within by forcing the needed capital for growth underground and under mattresses. Why do people never learn? Not studying history, suffering from normalcy bias, and being victim of the passions of man since the dawn of man is why, which is why cycles repeat.


The article in the Washington Times that reveals the Alexander revelations starts with:

The Obama administration’s credibility on intelligence suffered another blow Wednesday as the chief of the National Security Agency admitted that officials put out numbers that vastly overstated the counterterrorism successes of the government’s warrantless bulk collection of all American’s phone records.

Are you kidding me?  Suffered another blow? That’s like saying Maryland lost in a barn burner to Florida State, when the score was actually 63 – 0. How can your credibility suffer a blow when there is no credibility to begin with? You can’t have credibility that comes from your propaganda arm in the media. Credibility comes from telling the truth and following through on your promises, something this batch of politicians, and their predecessors, have seldom if ever done. The NSA documented lies will not detour our version of the German Stasi from trying to capitalize on the next security crisis to garner more power.

In addition to using NSA resources to hunt down the money, govt must also have the ability to take it once they find it. The ability to tax income, social security, and medical benefits right out of your paycheck is already in place; and so is the money printing that stealthily reduces your purchasing power. What about the other assets with your name on it, like your pension and retirement accounts, which is the biggest hoard of cash the govt has not tapped? And if you think the govt’s desperate methods can’t impact you – remember, all of this theft and abuse of the Constitution and Rule of Law, not only slows the economy by taking money out of your pocket, it’s scares away the capital needed for investment and growth.

A follow-up post will document the pension/retirement fund thefts.

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