Former Speaker Hastert Sentenced for Sexual Abuse

What did you think when you heard that Denny Hestert was sentenced to 15 months for abusing teenagers? Did you think how can 15 months compensate for a lifetime of anguish? What about the Jerry Sandusky case, where so many people ignored the obvious to protect their self-interest? What about all of the Catholic priests that have destroyed so many kid’s lives, receiving little or no consequences? What’s worse about the Hestert case is that he held public office. Let me explain.

What I thought about as soon as this case surfaced, and the disgust passed, was how much crap did Hestert usher through Congress to prevent the truth from coming out. Oh, and if you don’t think the powerful people know all the dirt and weaknesses of all politicians, then you have not researched the real purpose of the NSA.

The reason the NSA has foiled only one terrorist attack (maybe), even though they track, store, and data-mine everyone’s personal data, is because they are not looking for terrorists. They are hunting money for a broke govt and digging up dirt on anyone that may be able to help the establishment stay in power.




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