Food Science Journal Editor on Monsanto’s Payroll…SHOCKING!?

It’s certainly not a surprise that Monsanto has been paying off its critics, scientists, and regulators. It is probably more surprising to the Left that the CDC supports fraudulent studies that link vaccines to autism. After all, how can anyone be critical of the big govt they so passionately support?

What is mystifying is how the same people that will scream to high heaven about Monsanto’s fraud, ignore the fact that the same fraud has existed for decades with the so-called gloBull warming scientists, pension promises, protection of healthcare and public education monopolies, the military industrial complex, and basically everything the govt touches.


Everyone knows that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Yet, Democrats and Republicans keep voting to give more power to govt. Huh? If we don’t vote out EVERY incumbent, EVERY election, we are headed to a place that only third world countries can appreciate.

Govt is constantly extracting more money from your pocket to support their fraud and incompetence, and they can’t understand why our consumer-based economy is sucking wind. It’s unfortunate that govt can’t proactively reform, and we must crash and burn to hopefully learn from history. However, make no mistake. The govt bubble that is suffocating the global economy is getting ready to pop, with dramatic consequences – even for the well prepared.

A coming post will address the impact of Japan (and yen) collapsing next year, followed by Europe (and euro), then it will be our turn in 2020-2022. The opportunities may surprise you.

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