Ferguson is about MUCH MORE than Race

Even the most well-intentioned commentators and bloggers are missing the bigger issue surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. The mainstream media (MSM), the primary propaganda arm of govt, are desperately trying to promote the “race” narrative to distract the masses from the more troubling theme – govt protecting itself from an increasingly plundered populous, due to govt’s “need” to maintain their own jobs, perks, and power. The incidents in Ferguson, Bundy Ranch, and others are nothing more than training missions for what is to come. Just wait until it is exposed that the govt can’t make Social Security, and other social welfare payments; or pensions, IRA’s, and 401K’s get confiscated/bailed-in by an increasingly broke govt as their Ponzi system implodes.

Joe Public, who has kept their head buried firmly in the sand, will finally learn where the anger comes from for so many minorities, and that ignorance really isn’t bliss. Government never looks in the mirror and admits fault. They always defend their self-interest, and will not stop spending other people’s money until the people rise up and force change. Govt is preparing for war against their own citizens, and Ferguson and Bundy Ranch are just drills.

Granted, many blacks get treated like civilians in Syria, Iraq, and the other places where govt’s policies place govt’s interest above all others (especially minorities), but the loss of trust and respect for police and others in govt is coming to a head all over the country, because govt has abused their trust and does NOT equally apply the rule of law. Anyone that has protested govt abuses or challenged govt in court understands the system is rigged in govt’s favor, and the 99% conviction rate of the U.S. Justice (Just Us) system is certainly evidence of the abuse of power (BTW, the 99% conviction rate even surpasses the 90% rate of Hitler’s Peoples Court). When property rights are not protected and justice in the courts disappears, so does the capital needed for growth.  The conflicts transpiring across the globe are the result of citizens being suppressed by their govt for the sake of maintaining govt. 


What color were the protesters at Bundy Ranch, or the people shot dead by over zealous cops and SWAT teams over the last several years? The militarization of local police, like the privacy abuses by the NSA, has nothing to do with race or terrorism. It is part of the Pentagon’s 1033 Program, which includes the purchase of over 1700 tanks and a hundred years worth of ammo by DHS  for domestic use. The only time the MSM reports on this build-up of military-style weaponry by federal, state and local govt’s  is when the public is confronted with what looks like our own military and it gets captured on TV.  Police State USA documents the police abuses, and if anyone has any question how power can abuse your rights, review some of the reported stories.  We have also been writing for over a year where all this is headed, as witnessed here and here. Why does no one  ever ask, why has there been such a build-up of military-style weapons by our own “peace keeping” forces? Even the networks that rail on govt abuses (i.e. IRS, VA, NSA, etc.), can’t seem to see the consequences of police abuses, that protect and fund govt instead of prioritizing the freedom and rights of the citizens they are sworn to protect. Is the city of Ferguson coming to a town near you?



Armstrong has written tirelessly about the current trend of our society, and provided the historical context to demonstrate what we are experiencing is part of a repeating cycle that never changes, because the passions of man never change. What also hasn’t changed is that civil unrest and wars always follow economic decline. So, it should be no surprise to see tempers flare when Ferguson’s poverty rate has increased 20% from 2000 to 2008-2012.

The most important thing that has not changed is when a society has career politicians, govt will eventually implode the society under the weight of it’s over spending.  If we have any chance of reforming the system, term limits have to be instituted.  As Robin Williams said in “Man of the Year”, politicians are a lot like diapers – they should be changed frequently and for the same reason. Until term limits are formally instituted, install de facto term limits by voting out every incumbent, every election.

BTW, what ever happened to MH17?  Are we to believe the US 20-20 satellites that have been fixed on Ukraine don’t know what happened … or maybe they don’t like what they saw (or maybe its the Brits that don’t like what they heard from the Black Box they have been taking forever to “analyze”). If only politicians could vanish like Malaysian flights and the tenacity of journalist.

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