Farage Led Brexit, and Orban’s Leading Hexit

Those that do not understand Brexit or Trump’s victory must listen to Hungarian PM Orban’s speech, where he calls out the European Leftists, like Merkel, who are destroying Europe’s economy and cultures. Orban identifies the immigration problem and solution, that Merkel and her establishment EU hacks could not applaud, because it would threaten their jobs, perks, and power.

Merkel unilaterally opened the floodgates to an army of young men from the Middle East and Africa because she wanted to soften her image after she crushed the Greek population under the weight of austerity to save the German banksters (a consequence rooted in Germany’s fear of another bout of hyperinflation that produced Hitler).

With German elections coming up in Sept, EU bureaucrats are doing everything in their power to save their establishment queen bee, including ECB President Dragi talking up the euro by pretending that deflation is under control, meaning they could bring an end to their (bad) asset purchases, like QE that pumps money into banks and not the economy. Unfortunately, with Italian banks failing left and right, the ECB is far from finished buying worthless paper, even though they already own the majority of govt debt.

The market’s response after German elections will be interesting, to say the least. My early prediction is the EU will pull out all stops to secure a Merkel (establishment) victory, which means there’s ZERO chance of immigration and financial reforms. The assured self-implosion, just as the state of IL is experiencing now, guarantees the increased exodus of capital leaving the Eurozone for dollar-based assets.

The lack of political and financial reforms ensures the implosion of bankrupt European banks and sovereign defaults, which will drive up interest rates and accelerate defaults outside the US, further increasing the value of the dollar and exacerbating the debt problems of all foreign entities holding massive amounts of dollar-based debts. As the govt bond bubble pops in Europe, the big money will have no other choice but to park in stocks backed by real assets. Any fundamental selloff’s from the coming recession acknowledgement, debt ceiling debate, or the military industrial complex beating the war drums should be bought, as the DOW will double again by 2020. Only when the crisis forces another Breton Woods-like meeting to replace the dollar as the reserve currency will the US dollar-based asset bubble pop.

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