Expect More NSA BS after Paris Attack

As we have documented, the NSA data gathering is about tracking taxes, not terrorists. Even the NSA has admitted that MAYBE one terrorist event has been thwarted by their data gathering efforts. Either they are incompetent or they have ulterior motives, which the public never considers because they blindly believe govt’s altruistic propaganda, when in fact they are just like everyone else that puts their own self-interest first – except they have the power to actually enforce their sociopathic will.

It’s been over 14 years since 9/11, when we were told that the numerous “intelligence” agencies couldn’t communicate with each other well, and we needed the Patriot Act to protect us and track money, even though the biggest banks have repeatedly been caught laundering money for drug cartels and terrorist organizations. Now we have Muslim teenagers communicating seamlessly enough to plan and execute a well coordinated attack on Paris. Even if one does want to believe that the NSA is tracking terrorist, who actually thinks the terrorist use phones and the internet? Besides, it doesn’t take a whole lot of intelligence to figure out that a policy of open boarders and no-go zones (like our sanctuary cities and porous borders) is going to incubate a few crazies, especially when the US is arming ISIS and creating the refugees.

As Armstrong has documented, the German Stasi was the last govt so paranoid they kept used underwear of their citizens in jars, just in case the dogs needed their scent in the future. The bad guys are good at avoiding detection, just like they always will get their guns, no matter how many laws govt enacts. The French govt banned guns, so why didn’t the terrorist turn over their weapons when they entered the country? How many people would have been killed if the terrorist charged a music hall in Texas? Maybe a couple, but certainly not hundreds. Do you think terrorist attempt their cowardly acts in places where citizens carry, or do they attack “SITTING DUCK ZONES”, like Chicago, France, movie theaters and schools? There’s a reason one never hears about these horrific events occurring in Switzerland, where every citizen is expected to keep their weapon after their obligatory military service.

Only in a complacently ignorant country can politicians get away with abusing our Constitutional rights in the name of protecting us from terrorism, when the responsible organization admits that their multi-billion dollar data center in Utah has MAYBE thwarted one terrorist plot. Hawkish Republicans, which includes all candidates except Paul, sell the patriotism angle, when the biggest threat to our country are politicians, not terrorists. Even if the Dem’s knew that the NSA was tracking taxes instead of terrorist, they wouldn’t care, as they think confiscating other people’s money is more important than freedom and rights, even though govt largess and the loss of freedom results in less economic activity, which reduces tax revenue. One should fully expect western (broke) govt’s to crack down on our freedoms in the name of protecting us, which would not even be necessary if we didn’t overthrow the leaders in the region. Assad, Gaddafi, and Hussein may not have been a Tito, but they did keep the natives from getting restless. I guess all is fair in love and oil (and natural gas).

After watching the debates from both parties, none of this govt propaganda should be a surprise. Just last night, the Democratic candidates where railing against ISIS, but none of the candidates where asked why was the US govt providing arms to ISIS to overthrow Assad, which Hillary authorized and Ambassador Stevens executed, which got him and three others executed in Benghazi. The answer is the same as why WMDs where fabricated to take out Saddam Hussein – energy. Partisan Americans are being duped once again.

The US has been plotting to overthrow Assad since 2006 in order to replace Russian-supplied natural gas to Europe, with gas from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Thousands of innocent people have been killed, ISIS has been made stronger, and Europe’s economy is under siege from Syrian refugees all because we don’t want Russia to make money selling their oil and gas to Europe, even though it could be sold to China instead.

Democratic voters defend Nobel Peace Prize winner and Prince of Peace, BH Obama, whose Secretary of the Navy matter-of-factly stated that we will occupy Syria and govern that sovereign nation, while all the fellow establishment Hawks, including Hillary, call for a “no-fly zone” over Syria, which would mean it’s okay for the US to shoot down Russian fighters, which are in Syria to kill ISIS. This crap could only happen in a country full of brain-dead voters, which helps explain why the war cycle is peaking in 2017, and the sovereign debt “Big Bang” will not end pleasantly for anyone.

Speaking of brain-dead voters, Hillary got applauded last night for taking massive campaign contributions from NY banksters, because she “helped” them after 9/11. The other candidates rightfully railed against the elimination of Glass-Steagall, that allowed investment banking to be combined with traditional lending – giving banksters the means to speculate with the funds of depositors; but no one ever asked who eliminated Glass-Steagall? That would be Bill Clinton, who also signed the Bill that eliminated the right to expunge student loan debt through bankruptcy. Yes, the fraudsters in CONgress not only knew that a bubble was being blown in real estate, but they also knew there was going to be a bubble in imprudent student loans. I wonder how many lovers of govt understand that their precious politicians have locked the exit doors for their kids and grandkids, who are trapped in a burning house of student loan fraud. Dems want to usher more people into the burning building, but this should not be a surprise coming from people that think man-made global warming is real, and want to mandate a $15 per hour minimum wage, as if businesses will sit back and go out of business.

Govt cares about govt, not enabling businesses to be successful, which creates jobs. The artificial suppression of interest rates, that hurts savers and has been encouraged by CONgress to permit excessive borrowing without blowing up interest expenses, coupled with Obamacare and increases to the minimum wage, are forcing businesses to replace people with robots, which is also made feasible by the Fed’s low rates.

Democrats pave the path to Hell with good intentions, Republicans impose their military Hell on anyone that gets in the way of our resource conglomerates, and the NSA and IRS find and confiscate the money needed to maintain govt jobs, perks, and power. None of it is good for the folks. The only people that can’t see it, are the sheeple that still believe in rainbow-sh*ting Unicorns. My hope is that all the others find their paddles.

Voters complain that politicians can’t work together. Are you kidding? They work together all the time, at least when it comes to growing govt, and the means to fund it. Congress just gave Obama a blank check in the recent debt ceiling non-debate, and the G20 has agreed to share financial data and enforce FATCA, which has made it virtually impossible for Americans (including businesses) to open foreign bank accounts. In their selfish and ignorant attempt to find and confiscate money from citizens around the world, which is where the NSA comes in, govt’s are sending global capital underground and off the grid, where it is being parked in hard assets, instead of being available to lend to businesses. Why do you think the world art market is at an all-time high?
If spy agencies spent as much effort tracking terrorist, as they do hunting other peoples money, do you think the Boston and Paris attackers would be freely roaming the streets? Instead of govt trying to do the impossible, like outsmarting the wealthy, or trying to manipulate the business cycle, or blaming the Fed (when Congress creates more debt than the Fed could ever dream of), why don’t they simply look in the mirror and admit their mistakes?

Most worldly people know govt’s never admit their mistakes, which is why the Catalan Parliament has approved plans to secede from Spain, and Guatemalan’s elected an outsider and threw their corrupt politicians in jail. It’s the same reason that short term-limits must be the first step to reforms. Some Republican voters understand that the establishment is NEVER going to solve our problems. It appears that Democratic voters are still clueless.

Expect the Paris crisis not to go to waste on politicians. They will be fighting on behalf of their donors and their own lifestyles, as they covet your money to grow the military, that is already bigger than the next 10 armies, combined; and for the NSA and local govt’s to identify and constrain those with too much money or ill will toward govt corruption. When govt’s renege on their promises, the natives will get restless, which is why local govt’s look like standing armies. We may be able to avoid getting what we deserve, if we prevent govt from falsely coming for anyone or any private property, which includes our guns.

First they came for the Jews

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