EpiPen: The Only Drug That Gouges Consumers … NOT

The monopolistic policies that allowed the cost of Epipen’s to soar over 400% IS THE SAME REASON THAT ALL HEALTHCARE COST HAVE RISEN TO UNAFFORDABLE LEVELS. Yet, the talking heads act like it is only the fault of EpiPen’s CEO, the daughter of WVA’s Democratic Senator, Joe Manchin. The problem of out-of-control healthcare costs, endless UNDECLARED wars, financial corruption, and the other big problems destroying this country and the world economy is the fault of CAREER POLITICIANS and the favors they grant to secure funding to maintain their perky lifestyle in govt.
Lord Acton

The consequences of govt largess were observed by Lord Acton, as well as our Founding Fathers. After all, it was only the single biggest cause for the collapse of every great society in human history. The Clinton’s pay-to-play business model is a natural consequence of big govt. Why is it so hard to comprehend that rogue nations that want to buy our arms, in exchange for a “donation” to the Clinton Foundation, are not the only ones that expect a return on their investment (ROI). The healthcare industry has been one of the biggest donors to politicians for decades, and with such a large ROI, why would they want the rigged game to end? Sadly, this group of sociopaths is so desperate to hang on to their perks and power, that I fully expect them to try and assassinate Trump if he is elected.

Most are aware of the Military Industrial Complex, which President Eisenhower warned us about, but it is the corrupt complex of the Healthcare Industry that has actually done more harm to this country. Everyone has heard about the $600 hammer and multi-billion dollar fighter jets. However, have you actually looked at an itemized hospital bill?

The healthcare industry hopes you don’t look or care, and pray you believe there are no consequences when the insurance companies pick up the tab. However, as Obamacare is quickly highlighting, the consequences of outrageous premiums and reduced choices, caused by fraud and monopolistic policies, is coming home to roost.

There are those that are negatively influenced by Trump’s blunt talk, and the propaganda campaign of the mainstream media and establishment on both sides of the isle, who are desperately afraid Trump will end their pay to play gambit. I will never understand the ignorance or lack of morals that is required to vote for Hillary. However, I can understand why one might be persuaded to vote for Gary Johnson, who wants to cut spending by 20%; eliminate a handful of harmful Dept’s, like Education, Commerce, FDA, and the NSA; and install term limts. However, Johnson has absolutely nothing on his website about addressing the healthcare fraud. Why? Is he one of the multitude of politicians that receives healthcare lobby bribes? I don’t know, but the fact is he has no chance of being elected. The only thing he can do is be the next Ross Perot and hand the election to Hillary.

Great blog post. I will definitely read more! I do like Gary Johnson’s emphasis on reducing gov’t, but see your point about the “healthcare cartel.” I would like to hear Trump talk about eliminating entire departments of the Federal Government. It MUST be reduced. Maybe he’s afraid of scaring voters too much.

Have you noticed that there is a massive collapse of competence all the way to the WH? Even in industry, there is a collapse of competence. I used to work in the oil and gas capital project business. What used to take 1 1/2 years to do quickly and cheaply now takes companies like BP 7 years. And this is called “progress!” It’s also symptomatic of a horrible bureaucratic mentality in these big businesses ESPECIALLY in Europe. Europe is on it’s way to collapse for sure.

Like you mention, everything is a cartel now. And all these cartels including the big media conglomerates, and the entire political “establishment” has placed all their chips behind the most incompetent, talentless, clueless, lying scumbag Hillary. What a shameful situation!

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