Do Anti-Trump Protestors Support the Establishment?

Daniel Hannan and Nigel Farage championed the UK Independence party, which led Britain’s exit out of the oppressive policies of the EU establishment. Hannan has an interesting perspective on the anti-Trump protestors. I don’t think they understand they are fighting a global trend that is part of the cyclical change from public trust to private (no trust in govt).

Separatist movements have been growing with the declining global economy for a decade. Brexit was the shot across the establishment bow. Trump made a direct hit. Now that Hollande has announced he is not running in the French election, due to the dismal economic performance of his Socialist policies, the establishment Titantic is taking on water. If the Italian referendum fails tomorrow, which will pave the way for Italy’s exit from the euro and EU, there will not even be a need to wait for the German elections, as the EU ship will be going down.

If the Italian referendum does pass, it will only delay the inevitable, as Merkel is showing her desperation with her announcement that she will deport 100,000 refugees, that she unilaterally allowed to enter the EU, and has reeked havoc across Europe.

I have argued that the reason Democrats supported Clinton, and now re-elected Nancy Peloci, is because they represent and want the establishment to take care of them from cradle to grave. They cannot nominate or support an anti-establishment candidate, like conservatives did, because that would be antithetical to their Collectivist belief system, which is anti-American.

It doesn’t matter how corrupt or inept the establishment becomes, these anti-Trump supporters can never imagine, much less admit, that their precious govt is flawed. Even though they will admit that all human beings are flawed and that power corrupts, they refuse to believe that govt employees posses human flaws. It’s why they think increasing regulations will help a problem, even though the existing regulations are not being enforced, because the current angelic govt employees are either bribed, incompetent, or lazy.

The mere thought of their beloved govt being incapable of taking care of them scares the morality and ethics right out of their bodies. Their actions indicate that they don’t care how corrupt govt is, as long as it promises to take care of them, even if the Ponzi promises are mathematically impossible to deliver. All common sense gets thrown out the window, when it conflicts with demoralized beliefs and biases. How the heck are these useful idiots going to cope when their pensions and other govt promises vaporize?

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