Dems Want Unicorns that Sh*t Rainbows

If one wanted to know why our country is going down the tubes, all they needed to do was watch the Democratic debate. What a joke – Clinton’s biggest fear is ethical standards; Bernie thinks the climate is our biggest threat; and all the democrats don’t care about Hillary deleting her emails, which will show at a minimum her knowledge of gun running to Syrian rebels, that put ISIS over the top, destabilized the Middle East, and caused the massive influx of refugees into Europe that will insure their bankruptcy and civil unrest, which will drive capital into the dollar, blowing up dollar-based debts held all over the world. BTW, why did no one ask who signed Bill’s Bill that rescinded Glass-Steagall in 1999, which all the candidates railed against for giving the banks too much speculative power by combining traditional lending with investment banking?


The Dems don’t care about Hillary’s correspondence as Secretary of State, just as they don’t care about the biggest destructive force in the world – debt, which will explode the balance sheets of central banks, govt’s, companies, and others that thought there were no consequences to rolling increasing amounts of debt in a declining rate environment for over 30 years, and calling it “growth”. Unfortunately, rates are getting ready to trend in the opposite direction because of govt insolvency and their desperate hunt for capital to sustain their perks and power, which suppresses the economy and tax receipts, and is why the “debt” word was never so much as uttered during the debate. Instead, we were treated to a bunch of wannabe Unicorns sh*tting rainbows for the gullible masses, which the media complicitly serves up. Sadly, we will get what we deserve – just as the pensioners in IL are discovering as a result of believing the mathematical lies told by politicians.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if the so-called news outlets, and talking heads gave it to us straight?! – (caution, the language may be inappropriate for Unicorn lovers).

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