Democratic Socialism

The term Democratic Socialism, used to describe Bernie’s style of Socialism, makes it sound like if we had a true Democracy, the majority would vote for Socialism. If this were true, then one must believe that the majority of students who study hard to achieve A’s, would be happy to accept a “C”, sharing their success with the dropout who parties all night and never studies. If this were true, then we must also accept the fact the average grade for this lowest common denominator method of teaching would actually gravitate toward a “D”, as students see how little they can do to still get the Socialist “C”.

Regardless the form of centralized-planning, which have all been unsuccessfully tried, the results are similar – a lower standard of living. Not only does a lower standard of living make one’s life more difficult, it also does not produce enough wealth to address social concerns, like pollution. Anyone that has traveled to Russia, China, and the poorest countries of the world, which are all centrally planned, knows that they are also the most polluted places on earth.

The youth coming of age in the last eight years have faced a declining economy, which has made the enchantment with Socialism particularly appealing. In previous generations, youthful Utopian thoughts often dissipate with their first full-time job, when they see how much the govt takes from their paycheck. A little later, when they start paying attention to politics and realize how badly the govt wastes their hard-earned money, many more convert to being Republican. When Republicans realize that their politicians can lie and waste money just as efficiently as Democrats, then they vote for Trump.

The current generation of youth have witnessed first-hand what happens when you have too many people chasing too few jobs. Employers do not have to be as attentive and proactive in luring the best and brightest. Gone are the days of offering attractive benefits, upscale dining, and fitness rooms. Today, employees are lucky to have a coffee machine and toilet paper in their restroom.

The indefensible mistreatment of workers is the result of a poor economy, which is caused by the govt confiscating an increasing portion of societies wealth. Socialism not only makes the economy worse, but the supporters of Socialism compound the problem by supporting open boarders. The Socialist-minded countries in Europe, with youth unemployment around 50%, are experiencing this exact problem with the flood of refugees from Syria. The result is the fair-minded people of Europe reach their Socialist limits and rage against the machine, which is why Britain will likely leave the EU, and Merkel and Hollande will lose their elections next year.

Due to self-interested GOVT policies that shipped good manufacturing jobs overseas, more and more people are needing to make entry-level wages a living wage. The problem is that the remaining service businesses, which operate on very thin margins, will go out of business if they were to raise their entry-level wages, which would eliminate all the jobs. Walmart has already suffered this fate as a result of raising its minimum wage, shutting down hundreds of stores.

Just as society has suffered from halting the teaching of history and civics, the failure to teach basic economic principles has led generations of Americans to think like Russians, and other backwards countries who’s citizens have lived as serfs for so long they couldn’t make the transition to free-market capitalism if it was handed to them on a gold platter.

All workers should be treated with respect and dignity. Unfortunately, the poorer a country becomes, the worse the workers are treated. It’s the reason civil unrest rises whenever an economy turns down. If you want better treatment of all workers, improve the economy. You improve the economy by increasing freedom and liberty, which enables the free flow of ideas, people, collaboration, and money, that are incompatible with a growing govt and centralized planning. This fact is visible all over the world and is available for anyone to read in history books.

As govt’s get more aggressive to save and support their jobs, perks, and power, they increase taxes, civil asset forfeitures, election rigging, and spying – all the things that cause capital to get off the grid and seek safer havens. There’s a reason the NSA has admitted to not thwarting even one terrorist event, even after spending trillions to collect and data mine everyone’s personal information. It’s because they are trying to find loose change, instead of terrorists on the loose.

Those that don’t understand human nature will forever be stuck in a Utopian nightmare. The only way to eliminate the flaws of man is to make them robots, which would also eliminate jobs because they never call in sick and don’t need benefits. This take over by robots is actually happening more and more because of increasing minimum wages and low financing cost for robots, caused by the misguided interest rate policy that is trying to prevent the govt debt bubble from blowing sky high. The govt debt bubble was caused by Socialist policies, which should make it obvious why it eventually produces the Black Hole of Govt?

Like the Wars on Drugs, Terror, Poverty, and every other war the govt claims to be fighting for our benefit, the reality is the exact opposite. The beneficiary is the govt at the expense of who the govt claims to help. The “tell” that you are about to be screwed by govt is the name the govt gives its policy objective. Anyone hear of the “Affordable Care Act”, which has predictably become anything but affordable, now the #1 expense of working families.

As Nixon’s domestic policy chief, John Ehrlichman, acknowledged in 1994, the war on drugs was a complete fabrication targeted at disrupting the anti-war “hippies” and black voters. The war on terror created another massive bureaucracy (DHS) that eliminates our freedoms, and the war on poverty has ensured an even larger number remain in poverty for generations. The common theme of all of these so-called wars is not only that they have not been won, but they have gotten much worse. Therefore, you have a choice, either the govt is completely incompetent, or they are accomplishing exactly what they set out to do. Take your pick.

The other common tactic of govt and the captured media is to keep the sheeple pointing their fingers at each other instead of the true culprits in govt. The liberal branch of the media points the finger at the greedy Republicans, that get rich on the backs of the working white class. The conservative branch of the media relentlessly parades representatives of the military industrial complex across the screen like a banner being pulled by plane at a sporting event to instill patriotism and justify war and martial law. The reality is both political parties are part of the same big party, who is the entity actually responsible for the social inequality that many are experiencing.

Whether out of ignorance or good intension, Bernie Sanders misrepresents the source of the problem for his top three platform issues – income inequality, student loan debt, and climate change. The refusal to correctly identify the problem and accept responsibility for the problems caused by govt are the reasons problems never get solved and people are rebelling against the establishment.

The biggest reason for income inequality is that the assets owned by wealthier people have appreciated much more than the assets managed by the govt for our supposed benefit. The biggest contribution to retirement for many is Social Security. This asset has not only been mismanaged to produce a negligible return on paper, the contributions that workers have made from their hard-earned labor have been stolen by govt for other political purposes and replaced with soon-to-be worthless Treasury IOUs.

On the flip side, individuals that have saved and invested outside of govt’s wasteful reach have benefited from the asset bubbles blown by govt and Fed policies. Granted, some people have acquired their wealth through unethical means, like Congressmen that are exempt from insider trading rules and can give million dollar speeches in exchange for political favors.

There should be shareholder advocates that lobby against the over-priced executive salaries that are justified based on skills that are possessed by 95% of good leaders. However, unlike govt’s waste that affects all citizens, corporate malinvestment only hurts it’s shareholders and employees, which can lead to uncompetitive products and services that will run them out of business – if not protected by govt.

The stagnant wages that have stopped keeping pace with inflating costs like healthcare, food, housing, and taxes is the result of govt policies that exported good-paying manufacturing jobs, and overgrowth of govt, that must be financed with higher taxes and money-printing (debt creation), that has a compounding negative impact. Deficit spending devalues existing purchasing power and increases the interest expense, which has accumulated to  over 50% of the total debt and will explode higher with increasing interest rates, forcing even higher economy-killing taxes.

The consequences of massive debt and the resulting interest expense is the primary reason rates have been artificially suppressed, at the expense of those dependent on fixed income, including retirees, pension and insurance funds.

The student loan debt bubble and resulting inflation in tuition prices was also caused by govt, who anticipated the  unaffordability of the debt repayment. It was Clinton who changed the law in the late 90’s, making it virtually impossible to expunge student loan debt through bankruptcy.

Those that understand the asset stripping model used against foreign countries rich in natural resouces , and later used on Greeks, and home owners in the US will no doubt recongnize the same deceitful game played on student borrowers. Lenders oversell the upside to make loans that later cannot be repaid so the asset can be confiscated, or in the case of students, religated to a life of debt servitude.

Hopefully, when the tuition bubble pops over the next couple of years, and unrealistic teacher pensions get obliterated with the collapse of govt debt, the student debt principle will be written down and tuition cost will significantly decline. The biggest driver for lower tuitions should come from online schools and employers that recognize real competence versus a piece of sheepskin.

Climate change may be the biggest and easiest hoax ever perpetrated by govt. Capitalizing on everyone’s digust of pollution, govt is preparing a huge tax scam that will wreak havoc on the economy, as capital departs for friendly jurisdictions abroad.

The problem with the entire scheme is that the fear of global-warming, that is being marketed and sold as being caused by man, is actually a cyclical climate process that has been occurring before man walked on the earth, and certainly long before the internal combustion engine. The irony is that while the propagandist sell global warming, the earth is actually getting ready to head into a Maunder Minimum that will cause another mini ice age.

Even those that recognize the fraud and simply believe the ends justify the means to reduce carbon emissions, fail to appreciate the economic decline that will be caused by the necessary higher energy prices. The poorer the country the worse the pollution problems, because the govt and companies have less money to invest in clean technologies, and the people have higher life-sustaining priorities to worry about. Like all the other “wars” sold by govt (i.e. drugs, terror, poverty), this war on plant-loving CO2 will inevitably fail, making the pollution problem worse.

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