Default False Flag

In typical fashion, our illustrious political leaders cannot simply tell us the truth about anything. Instead they rely on false flags and unplanned crisis to force through agenda’s that could never pass on their own merits. This time the fear of not raising the debt ceiling is being used to sell their selfish motives.

The President and the mainstream media are lying to you. The intentional co-mingling of our “contractual” debt obligation with spending “promises” is meant to confuse the public and make us believe that not paying park service rangers, or even Social Security is a default. As Bill Still precisely states, there is plenty of revenue to meet our “contractual” debt obligations. The majority of the spending are “promises”. Politicians simply do not want to be forced into prioritizing all the other spending that may cause them political headaches. Politician’s real concern is satisfying the banksters, not the public.


The fact that interest rates have hardly budged since the debt ceiling debate started tells you it’s the bankers in charge, not the politicians. What politicians cannot afford to do is decrease the interest revenue stream to the money-center banks that create the debt, which is why the debt ceiling will be increased.

Instead of truly printing money that carries no interest, our politicians drop to their knees and make sure their bankster buddies are serviced by making sure that 97% of the money creation is done through debt/credit and leverage. Remember, QE prints the money to buy the debt issued by the banks.

As proposed when the bailouts and money printing first started over five years ago, the country would’ve been much better off if the printed money (with no interest obligation) was simply handed over to the folks (not the banks). They could have even required that 50% be used to pay down the debt of your choice. Printing money that devalues the money in your pocket is never a good idea, but if you have to do it to prevent a sovereign default, at least cut the banksters and interest out.


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