Debt and Establishment Running into Karma Wall

On Sept 12th, Armstrong posted a piece on his blog called “when increasing money supply causes deflation”, which was just published in a German publication. The fact that this article does not appear in Amerika’s mainstream press should speak volumes. The reason, of course, is the same reason you have likely never heard about the “The Forecaster” documentary, or why Armstrong found himself wrongly imprisoned for seven years on contempt charges without being formally charged, for not handing over a model that exposes how bogus the political promises are of career politicians.

While it is extremely important to understand why the money printing by Central Banks in the US, Europe, and Japan have not stimulated the economy and achieved the bogus 2% inflation target, it is even more important to understand why the truth is withheld from the public. It’s not because the public can’t handle it. It’s because the careers of politicians could not withstand it, nor could many large corporations that bribe politicians to eliminate and suppress the competition. The truth is not told by the propaganda “news” bureaus because the captured media will not get their debt rolled or their press passes punched.

What is sad and discouraging is that so many people willfully ignore the facts and believe the new lies from the same cast of characters that told the old lies. How can anyone believe anything that spews from the mouths of those that lied about WMD’s, or failed to investigate or prosecute Wall Street and the govt bureaucrats for their rolls in selling fraudulent financial instruments that caused the 2008 financial collapse? It’s the same reason lies are told about Assad gassing his own people and Russia being responsible for shooting down a passenger jet over Ukraine or hacking the DNC or the latest trial balloon that is trying to make people believe that Putin and Trump are responsible for drugging Hillary.

Predictably, as govt gets increasingly desperate to save itself, and the surfeit of hubris overflows after decades of being above the law, the propaganda becomes so obvious that even the Scarecrow can figure out who’s behind the curtain. Establishment govt’s (career politicians) around the world are being exposed for what they are – incompetent, self-interested, power-hungry bureaucrats that could not manage a lemonade stand, much less multi-trillion dollar economies, which is exactly why they will do ANYTHING to keep their cushy jobs that keep them from having to do real work.

Nigel Farage bravely spoke out against the corrupt EU bureaucrats for many years, finally being vindicated by the BREXIT vote. A newly elected Ausy Senator, Derryn Hinch, is speaking truth to power Down Under. Establishment politicians in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, and elsewhere are likely going to lose in upcoming elections. Hillary is the last establishment candidate standing in the US, and you better believe all of the ethically-challenged beneficiaries of a corrupt system will be coming out of the wood work to save their very lucrative rigged gambit. We are seeing it daily. The same cast of characters that sold WMD’s, the “war of terror”, the “war on drugs”, and the “war on poverty” are paraded across the TV to tell us Trump is the devil and the US economy will implode, if we deviate from the Bataan Death March they have us on, which are the same scare tactics the Brits were sold prior to the BREXIT vote. Case in point, the “beloved” Colin Powell, who sold WMD’s to the UN Assembly, and was attempted to be used by the establishment to bash Trump, unfortunately had his email hacked, exposing that Israel has 200 nukes aimed at Iran. Oops. Could this make others around the world ask, why shouldn’t Iran be able to defend itself?

Despite what the all-knowing bureaucrats and talking heads say, increasing the money supply does not stimulate growth and cause inflation, when THE PEOPLE (invisible hand / silent majority) have no trust and confidence in their leaders. Marxist have it all backwards. They believe govt’s can manipulate the economy and nature, suspending the cyclical nature of the universe, thereby enabling them to instill trust and confidence. Sorry, in the real world, you have to earn it. The irony is the more the govt tries to save itself, the worse the problems become, and the more obvious the propaganda. It’s like a liar that tries to cover up past lies with new ones. It’s too bad Chelsea never made that birthday wish that her mother could never tell a lie. Hillary’s version of Liar Liar would be more than entertaining.

Speaking of Hillary, she is the epitome of Peak Fraud and Peak Govt. It is quite apropos that the Clintons will be the symbol of the popping govt debt bubble, and the collapse of pensions that rely on average returns of 7% to meet obligations. Bureaucrats are getting ready to run head first into a Karma Wall they built, not Trump or the youth, who are expected to pay for their lies. The Fed has kept rates near zero for an unprecedented eight years to prevent the interest expense on the debt from blowing the budget sky high. The obvious consequence is that responsible savers had their living standards destroyed, and pensions (and insurance funds), that require large portions of their assets to be invested in low-yielding treasuries, are achieving returns that are less than half of what’s needed to meet obligations. This obvious unsustainable situation will result in massive protests and civil unrest as govt’s try to increase taxes, fees, and penalties to save public pensions. The problem, as were are seeing around the world, is the people are tapped out and mad as hell, and have reached that pivotal point where they are not going to take it anymore. This is the root of govt’s war on guns and cash, which we have covered exhaustively.

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