Congress Authorized Propaganda Against Americans

Back in 2013 when we wrote “Our American Pravda“, I had no idea that just two months later Congress would quietly pass a law that made it acceptable for the govt to perpetrate propaganda on American citizens, but it’s true. If you think that the propaganda of late is going over the top, you are right. With the passing of the “Smith-Mundt Modernization Act” of 2012, which was added to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in July 2013, the govt propaganda that is permitted in foreign countries, is now also permitted in the USA. Add in the elimination of the Fairness Doctrine, that forced networks to tell both sides of the story, and it should be clear that everything produced by govt and the media should only be consumed while floating in the great Salt Lake.
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After so many years of bold face lies by govt, their cronies and remora, along with the countless blog posts detailing the obvious propaganda, I was optimistic that the light bulb would go on by now. However, based on the parroting of talking points I constantly hear, there are still plenty of people lapping it up with gusto, with little knowledge of the actual facts, which is exactly how the establishment wants it.

If you want to know one of the telltale signs of establishment propaganda, watch when all the networks are trumpeting the same BS, as is currently happening with the story about Russia being behind the hacks of the DNC emails. Forgetting the actual content that was exposed by the emails, this in not the way foreign governments use leverage, which has been going on for centuries. If the Russians had damning information, they would not give it away, They would use it like the NSA to get something of value. Trump would not be good for Russia, unless they decided to embrace FREE market capitalism, which they won’t for the same reason our govt doesn’t – it doesn’t enrich the establishment.


The reason Democrats / Liberals / Socialist have such a hard time questioning govt propaganda is that it pulls the rug out from under their entire belief system. The mere thought of their precious govt manipulating and lying to them is just too painful to comprehend, forcing them into a permanent state of denial. While Republicans / conservatives certainly have their propaganda blind spot, their general understanding that big govt’s always produce massive corruption allows them to at least question their govt, which is why Trump defeated the establishment and received more votes than any Republican in history.

It is understandable how honest American’s have been mislead by politicians and the media. However, even if one is not paying attention and doing their own research, it should be obvious that the economy and ethics have deteriorated, and the direct consequences is increased fraud and civil unrest. If there ever was a time to start paying attention and peaking under the covers, it is now.

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As a brief aside, it should be understood that wars and civil unrest are always preceded by economic weakness, which is occurring on a global scale because western governments have severe debt problems due to decades of mismanagement. To distract their voters, politicians point the finger at anyone but themselves, with foreign boogeymen being a favorite target. The war cycle is increasing and will peak in 2017-2019, precisely because so many govt’s will be defaulting on their debt in the coming years.

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Govt defaults will be perpetuated by a rising US dollar, which will accelerate because of global capital seeking the relative safety of the dollar. The eventual rise in interest rates will only compound the problem, as interest expense rises and the ability to refinance old debt with more expensive new debt becomes impossible. The reason this is such a huge problem, which we have discussed ad nauseam, is because so many foreign countries and companies own so much “cheap” US debt, due to artificially low rates for eight years, which must be repaid in their own weakening currency.


Now, back to our propaganda state. There are a rare few in the media with the moral courage that have told the networks to take their propaganda and shove it (i.e. Naomi WolfAmber Lyon,  Sharyl Attkinson, Dylan Ratigan, etc.). However, the vast majority in the media, Hollywood, and academia are useful idiots” for the propagandist. I don’t know what you call the naïve souls that believe the lies, but they need to check themselves and start questioning everything before their bubble painfully bursts. It takes time to get through the five stages of grief.

The establishment was desperate to take down Bernie, which really wasn’t necessary since history has already proven that Socialism, and every other form of centralized planning, has failed EVERY time. The establishment failed to take down Trump during the primaries because his anti-establishment message resonates, just as it has all over the world, because govt’s are broke and they are digging in their heels at the expense of their citizens. Now that Hillary is the last hope for career politicians, even the Republican career politicians are throwing their fraud behind Hillary to keep the rigged game going to protect their jobs, perks, and power.

Why is it so hard to understand that no one wins when the economy declines, which is the direct result of reduced freedom and confidence caused by increasing fraud and corruption? There is a reason that the poorest countries are the most corrupt, and the most prosperous have the most freedom. The technological advancements that improve our standard of living, thrive when ideas and money flow freely. The opposite happens when govt is tracking everyone’s data and money, which is exactly what has been happening, and will only get worse the broker govt gets. Crooked Hillary insures we stay on this destructive path of fraud and govt largess.

When you look up establishment in the dictionary there is a picture of Bill and Hillary, along with all the other career politicians whose lifestyles are dependent on growing the one thing that is destroying the world economy – govt largess. The fact that Trump beat all the establishment candidates is a testament to the fact that the fraud is not restricted to the Democrats. The difference is Conservatives are calling BS on their party, while the best the Liberals can do is call for more of the same and put it on steroids. Just because Bernie spoke out against Hillary’s banksters, does not make him anti-establishment. In fact, Bernie is just another magical thinker from govt that sells the Marxist message that is failing all over the world.

Fortunately, the govt bubble is popping, which is dependent on the hot air of govt debt. If people and govt’s around the world don’t have the trust and confidence to buy our debt, the faux growth enabled by deficit spending will collapse. It doesn’t matter how much propaganda is spewed when markets take interest rates and the dollar higher, collapsing the balance sheets of govt’s, companies, and individuals holding excessive amounts of dollar-based debts. The only question that remains is will people grab on to the totalitarian lifeboat, or hang on to our precious freedom?

Ben Franklin

Hopefully, honest American’s will take the time to do their own homework. At a minimum, anyone considering voting for Hillary owes it to themselves to see the movies “Hillary’s America“, and “Hillary Clinton Exposed“, which is available on YouTube. One may also want to consider the book by former Secret Service Agent, Gary Byrne, “Crisis of Character“. Those considering a vote for Trump, must read his actual political positions. The primary question that must be considered is which candidate will promote and defend our freedoms, as freedom is the biggest factor for increased prosperity and living standards.

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