ClimateGate: A Very Costly Fraud

On my way to work the other day, NPR was covering Friday’s photo op signing session to further propagandize the “landmark climate change accord that came out of negotiations at the COP21 climate summit last December in Paris”. They kept using the phrase “reduce climate change”. Does this mean they think man can reduce the variability of the change in our climate that has been occurring long before man walked upright?  Or did they mean “reduce global warming”, but were afraid to utter the previous propaganda term “global warming” because the planet has not actually been warming, as their doctored data would have us believe?

Bernie recently went for the propaganda “two-for” by urging Hillary “to support him on a TAX on carbon emission to curb climate change and support universal health care”, as if Obamacare has not done enough damage. Since we know you get less of what you tax, why isn’t there a tax on govt waste and hot air, or better yet the exponential rise in health care costs, caused by CONgress passing anti-competitive legislation and the regulators not enforcing EXISTING EPA laws and anti-trust laws against their donors? Govt could put the windfall proceeds back into Social Security, which they looted and replaced with soon-to-be-worthless Treasury IOU’s.

As we should know, the reason nothing logical gets done is the same reason the GOVT regulators at the SEC and CFTC did not enforce existing laws, and the Justice Dept has not prosecuted even one bankster executive for well-document sub-prime mortgage frauds and manipulations of interest rates, foreign currencies, and precious metals – the self-interest of those in govt is greater than the interest of the Sheeple, who they hope are still distracted watching Dancing with the Stars. However, as the global anti-establish movement is exhibiting, the world economy is finally getting bad enough that people have gotten up off their couch because they no longer have one.

In the developing world, like the big polluters in China and India, the govts are much more concerned with making sure the natives have a pot to piss in so they don’t get too restless, which is why reducing carbon emissions ranks right down their with making sure they have trans-gender bathrooms. Govt’s of emerging economies will use what ever energy sources are necessary to fuel their economy, and the UN knows it, which is why they want to tax us to fund the growth abroad.

I know, many of you don’t care because you think no harm can come from govt waisting and taxing your money trying to reduce that horrible plant food – CO2, which is released from volcano’s and brush fires at a greater rate than cars. For example, Indonesia’s peat fires exceeds all the emissions of the entire US economy.  You may ignore data that conflicts with your emotions, because you believe the intentions of bureaucrats are always good. Are you one of those that believes someone else will pay for the higher taxes and fees, and there will be no consequences to you? Maybe you naively believe the govt actually cares about pollution.

I don’t know why anyone believes the never-ending lies from govt, or the lies about man having the ability to cause or fix climate change, but please know this, it will not stop the earth’s climate from changing, and it will not solve the world’s pollution problems. What it will do, since it has been the intention all along, is it will tax the citizens of bankrupt western govt’s for the benefit of bureaucrats and their donors, which will push the global economy off the cliff and degrade your standard of living.

The Chinese will pollute more than the US, but China will continue to be allowed to build 2400 new coal power plants, because Chinese bureaucrats cling to their perks and power just as much as US politicians.  Chinese politicians understand better than their American counterparts, that the secret to maintaining their cushy lifestyles is to increase the standard of living of the masses. COP21 allows China to continue to increase their pollutants until 2030, which are not CO2, but nitrogen and sulfur oxides, that are removed with scrubbers that produce CO2. If China and India do not reduce CO2 more than a decade from now the only recourse for the UN is to call them names. The entire carbon tax scheme is a joke and fraud, and tree-huggers are the brunt of the joke, because emotions are so easy to manipulate.


Lenin, Stalin, and other propagandist understood how to use emotions, which is why the term “useful idiot” is attributed to Socialist and Communist sympathizers, as well as Fabian Socialist, like George Bernard Shaw, pictured along with fellow Fabian nut job, Sydney Webb, in the top-right pain of the stain glass window above that hangs in the Fabian headquarters.  If you don’t know what they are doing, they are pounding the earth with hammers to “shatter it to bits and then remold it nearer to the hearts desire”. War works much better than hammers to remold society, which should help explain the never ending, unprovoked conflicts.

Whether it’s the carbon tax, Obamacare tax, the ZIRP or NIRP tax, civil asset forfeitures, or the bail-in of your 401K and IRA, broke govt’s are digging in their heels to avoid reforming and jeopardizing their jobs, perks, and power. As mentioned last month, US taxpayers have already made a $500 million down payment to the Global Climate Fund, with another $2.5 billion to come. While this slush fund money could help many struggling Americans, it will do NOTHING for altering the world’s temperatures, up or down, as the universe and our sun will continue to alter our climate as it has for millions of years before man exhaled one breath of CO2.

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