ClimateGate Coming to Florida

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NPR, an establishment lapdog for the Left, is hosting a Speaker Series on “Climate Change in Florida” on Thurs in Orlando. I think I may have a few questions for the three “expert” panelists, who are all journalists – which I guess does constitute a legitimate source in their fake news world.

The biggest gloBull warming issue that Florida will be facing over the next 10-20 yrs will be the influx of snowbirds, not only due to the coming mini ice age, but the excessive taxation in states like, IL, NJ, and CT. Govt’s across the world are turning against their people to sustain themselves, and now NY, MA, and CA can be added to the list of states running their productive people off due to self-serving taxation without representation.

If you don’t understand how the financial capital of the world will be moving to China after 2032, look no further than what Socialist leaders in NY unilaterally did to their citizens; and what the Mayor of LA plans to do to the citizens of that area. Do these clueless zealots think people are going to stick around while they destroy their cities?

Do man-made global warming believers NOT understand the earth has been warmer, colder, and more violent than it has been since the discovery of oil and the invention of the internal combustion engine?  We have many more trees now than we did pre-oil, because we don’t need to burn them to stay warm and cook.

Do they naively think this man-made issue is about pollution, that is lessened by prosperity/technology, which is why China pollutes twice as much as the US?  Besides, there are already plenty of pollution regulations on the books. However, like financial laws, health care anti-trust laws, and all the other “protections” promised by govt, they don’t get equally prosecuted.

Govt always seems to forget one thing in their attempts to save us from our human frailties – their own malfeasance, which is understandable, as it’s self-serving. What is not so easy to understand is how their voters forget that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Do they not know how the path to Hell gets paved?

No one likes pollution, but pollution takes a back seat to survival, which is why the the most polluted places on earth are also the poorest. The Left says, who cares if China pollutes twice as much as the US, and the Paris Accord and Agenda 21 & 2030 don’t make China reduce their CO2. The Left also has no problem shooting itself in the head by running off Amazon’s jobs. They claim the US must be the leader to save the world. What’s bewildering is why I never see the Leftist leaders leading the way. Why aren’t they neutering themselves and living in a lean-to and eating raw food? One would think that with the end of the world being only 12 years away, as stated by the Left’s latest handpicked nutjob, reducing their own carbon footprint would seem to be the least they could do.

Armstrong has first-hand accounts with the climate zealots, who have stated during conferences that the real goal of gloBull warming is population control, which ignores population cycles and is predicated on a trend continuing in the same direction indefinitely (kinda how they think debt and house prices will only rise). Others are doing it for power, which requires a new noble carbon tax, while others are simply dependent on funding to keep them employed. Regardless of their motivation, the common theme is none of these groups place pollution above their own self-interests.  At the risk of sounding melodramatic, if these groups prevail, it will be the end of the US as we know it, and it will be obvious in a mere 12 years.

Why do journalists not do their job? Why are govts constantly finding new things to tax (like a Netflix service), and wasting police resources on 25-MPH speed traps? How can politicians be elected and re-elected when they couldn’t even run a bubblegum machine, much less comprehend that every new tax reduces disposable income that lowers living standards?

The answer is simple. These career politicians have rarely been on the same side as the folks. They have little or no practical experience, yet we find people like AOC on the finance committee, which is Chaired by Maxine Waters. Is it any wonder confidence in Govt is nose-diving?

As far as journalist’s are concerned, the good ones have been run off, leaving captured propagandists to tow the line for their establishment masters. It’s no different than during the financial crisis when Govt regulators permitted captured rating agencies to give AAA status to Mortgage-Backed Securities that were composed of subprime dogsh*t.

The pivotal question is – are citizens going to proactively stay in the streets until the abuses are brought to an end? Or, will the Yellow Vests not come out until the sh*t has already hit the fan? Human nature and history says the masses have to lose everything before they lose it and say I’m not going to take it anymore. Luckily, we have a minority of Patriots that will NOT allow govt to take away their last means of defense.

Since there is nothing new under the sun, expect the govt pension crisis to lead to more taxes, economic decay and increased civil unrest/war; and what is under the sun will get much colder for decades to come, which necessitates increased food storage to offset the crop failures. Forgive me for asking, but why are people voting for this tragedy?

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