Climate Models Fail To Predict Warming

The global warming religion will now find it more difficult to collect their tithe/tax.  However, with such a large tax windfall at stake for broke govt’s, don’t expect the establishment to go down without a fight.

Unless economic destruction is the desired solution for CO2 reduction, which the establishment is trying their hardest to accomplish, nothing being proposed by the climate clurgy will address the problem, which I assume is pollution reduction.

Why can’t pollution control stand on its own? After all, no one likes pollution. Only the poorest countries favor survival over pollution. If the true believers in man-made global warming prevailed, there would be more poor countries that could not afford to invest in clean technology.

The realities are:
– The climate has been changing for MUCH longer than the internal combustion engine has existed. It’s the natural cycle of our solar system and universe that produces the cycles.

– Throughout the history of the earth, volcano’s have erupted more pollutants into the air from below the earth’s crust than all the discovered hydrocarbons. Maybe we should start sacrificing politicians to the Volcano Gods, instead of taxing carbon.

– The reason broke govt’s have pushed for a global tax on carbon instead of simply enforcing existing pollution laws, is the latter doesn’t bring in the cash. It’s the same reason the Justice Dept’s fines banksters instead of throwing them in jail.

– Any politician that pushes the propoganda of global warming is either an idiot or they hope you are – either way, they are undeserving of a vote.

– The solution for a cleaner planet is a more prosperous planet, which can only come with more freedom, not less. More govt requires less freedom and trampling of rights, as they enforce their will to confiscate more money from the producers of prosperity.

Unfortunately, govt will never admit they made a mistake, and as a result they are destroying economies across the globe, which will turn clean communities into tent cities with trash and crap covering the ground (assuming civil unrest and war, the result of economic contraction, does not destroy these areas first).

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