Climate Depot’s 43-page Report to UN Climate Summit

If you are tired of being a pawn for the bureaucrats, then download the “2016 State of the Climate Report” at the bottom of this linked post.

How many Democrats have called BS on their party’s blatant frauds? The war on poverty has created more poverty. The war on drugs has destroyed more lives unnecessary than the bogus war on terror. The war on racism has produced more racism. Occupy Wall Street resulted in zero bankster prosecution and increased wealth disparity due to manipulated asset prices.

Do Democrats think these results are accidents? As WikiLeaks has exposed, the one thing the establishment does not do is leave their perky careers to chance. Everything is planned, and never is the advertised benefit the intended output. This is why the Trump win was so traumatic. Democrats continue to believe the propaganda. However, they could not manipulate all of the voters.

The biggest example of this self-interested, corrupt system is the propaganda behind global warning, which is the perfect tax con because who likes pollution. The problem of course is global warming (or cooling) has nothing to do with pollution, but it does allow govt to play God and take money out of the pockets of producers and put it into the pockets of donors. This cronyism is why all the govt wars; be it poverty, drugs, terrorism or real wars; have produced more of what they claim to fight, and the war on carbon will only produce more unscrubbed carbon and less prosperity for developed economies.

Allow me to use our out of control debt problem to make the point. The traditional way that banks make money is issuing debt and collecting the interest. Banks have been the biggest donors to politicians, at least until Trump came along. The banksters were Hillary’s biggest donors, and what do you think they wanted in return for their investment / bribe? The answer of course is more debt, and more austerity (ways to extract the interest payments from borrowers).

It’s the same reason Bill Clinton changed the laws on student debt before the planned bubble in student loans. Before Clinton, student loan debt could be expunged through bankruptcy, which forces lenders to be prudent. Now, it takes an act of God to get out from under mountains of student loans, no matter ones economic hardship, or their parents. Why would lenders need to be prudent, if the govt is going to force borrowers to remain debt slaves? Govt and their bankster donors will get their pound of flesh, while career politicians say they hate debt. Just follow the money instead of the propaganda.

Man can do something about most sources of pollution, which has resulted in dramatic improvements in air quality since the dawn of the industrial revolution, because prosperity has afforded the technology required to clean emissions. Unfortunately, man can do nothing about the biggest emitters – volcanoes.

Man cannot alter climate cycles, just as bureaucrats cannot manipulate the business cycle, but that does not stop them from selling their omnipotence to voters. The globull warming propagandist are claiming that Trump’s victory “was a major blow to the global effort to reign in planet warming that scientists warn threaten the human way of life”. Luckily for human life, the warming part of the climate cycle peaked over a decade ago, and we are headed into a cooling period that will bottom in another mini ice age. The reality is cooling cycles are a bigger threat to human life than warming cycles, and these propagandist will be begging for global warming in a decade. Yet, the Left’s leaders, like Bernie Sanders, continue to sell the propaganda of climate change…and they expect to be taken seriously. Would a conservative be taken seriously if they were still trying to sell WMD’s?

The globe is very slowing warming in excess of the VERY gradual warming cycle, but it’s not a crisis or reason to panic. And cap and trade will do nothing except collect more taxes. Nothing can be done to halt CO2 emissions even if you wanted to. It would bankrupt the world! But no worries, the hydrocarbon era will likely be over in 100 years (if not sooner). Thorium molten salt reactors may be right answer for our energy future. If we need them in 20 years, we need trial plants soon to work out the designs.

Private enterprise money can develop the Thorium reactors. The US invented the technology in the 1950s.

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