CIA Whistleblower Exposes Deep State & Shadow Govt.

For those that choose to ignore the unconstitutional and heinous acts of the Shadow Govt and their accomplices in the Deep State, this presentation by a high-level CIA whistleblower should at least open your eyes to what we and Trump face. Anybody that wants a bigger govt after watching this might as well move to N. Korea or Venezuela and just get on with the rest of your life.

Kevin Shipp backs up many of the assertions that Twisted has been making over the years, including Benghazi and our govt’s gun running to Syrian rebels (ISIS), which was also recently validated by Pentagon documentsOperation Gladio, Operation NorthwoodsGoogle’s role in the Deep State, and the CIA’s role in creating Google Earth, and even the CIA’s role in the JFK’s assassination.

Shipp remarked that the five major intelligence contractors (Leidos Holdings, CSRA, CACI, SAIC, and Booz Allen Hamilton) are accountable to no one including Congress, echoing the words of Senator Daniel Inouye when he himself blew the whistle on the shadow government during the Iran-Contra hearings in 1987. At the time Inouye expressed that the “shadow government had its own funding mechanism, shadowy Navy, and Air Force freedom to pursue its own goals free from all checks and balances and free from the law itself.”

As you listen to this presentation, recall some of the previous CIA directors and how they are portrayed by the complicit media (i.e. Bush, Hayden, Gates, Brennan, Panetta). Several are still paraded across the TV as policy experts, and Bush being elected President demonstrates the effectiveness of propaganda. If the left wants to tear down symbols, why don’t they start with Dulles Airport, named after one of the original CIA sociopaths, who was fired by JFK for lying about the Bay of Pigs fiasco, and conveniently was appointed to the Warren Commission by President Johnson.

Shipp states that the one thing we can all do to take our country back, besides providing cover for whistleblowers, is to throw ALL the bums out, as in vote every incumbent out every election, which is STEP-1 in our 5-STEP plan that anyone can do.

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