What is the Increase in Crime Telling You? Is it Time for Direct Democracy?

As developed (bankrupt) governments take more desperate measures to confiscate money from citizens to maintain their power and perks, real capital for growth will continue to erode, dragging down the economy and incomes.  The resulting decline in tax revenue will prompt the govt to print more money to pay the …


Jesse: Chasing Madoff

Jesse’s comments on the documentary, “Chasing Madoff”, are truly priceless, and must be internalized by everybody.


POTus Calling the Kettle Black

  The lies and deceit coming from this President of the United States (POTUS) are beyond disgraceful, and certainly raises the bar for future Presidents. Whether you measure declined Freedom of Information request, redacted text, or the war against whistle-blowers and leaks, this self-professed transparent President is the most secretive in …


Our American Pravda

One of the obscene frauds that must be targeted is the misinformation, and intentional neglect by the mainstream media, which is why it’s the focus of one of the 5-Steps. If the public truly understood the depths of the various forms of propaganda that have been perpetrated against them, I would like …



If the common message of the Tea Party and OWS (Occupy Wall St.) movements would be harnessed, then an unstoppable force could drive the changes that Congress will never proactively undertake. It’s now clear that the words and actions of the government have NOT CHANGED the course of the economy. It is …


What No One Wants to Hear About Benghazi…or the IRS and DOJ

There’s nothing wrong with a little wishful thinking. It would be a good start, but if equal justice prevailed their hands would be cuffed behind their back. Don’t count on it. What you can count on is a “coincidental” distraction in the very near future. Regarding Benghazi – I can’t say it any better …


Bloomberg Dissed

Doing exactly what this NY Pizza owner did to Mayor Bloomberg exemplifies what every citizen needs to do to take back this country – Deny Consent! The fact that New Yorkers actually voted for this guy, is almost as bad as Clinton, Bush, and Obama being re-elected. I want to …