Most people over 50 remember the classic Phil Donahue interviews with Milton Friedman in the late 70’s. Since our one-sided media, who only represents the political establishment, no longer permits an open discussion on Capitalism anymore, young people might want to revisit this interview and Armstrong’s comments below to remember why our Founders favored freedom (capitalism) over Socialism and other forms of centrally-planned govt’s.

Most of the wealth earned by the 1% is from INVESTMENT, not wages. So why are the 99% oppressed? Largely taxes. For example, Social Security is a simple tax. That money is not invested in your future. The government robs from Social Security and stuffs it with government debt, which they then move toward negative interest rates. This deprives the average person from earning anything on those funds that were supposed to be for retirement.

When I worked to try to turn Social Security into a wealth fund investment, bringing the money into the free market and allocating it to fund managers (I exempted myself), the Dow was 1,000 (today it’s 16,392). Social Security today would be a real fund and the bulk of the people would have MADE MONEY in the same manner as the 1%. It was government and its greed that has suppressed the people, not the 1% because they invested. A FREE MARKET should be where everyone can invest their own money, for surely government is incapable of keeping their fingers out of everyone’s pocket.

Below are a few more historically-analyzed comparisons of Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism:

History of Capitalism

Capitalism vs. Socialism

Capitalism equals freedom, which is at odds with those that want to control society for their benefit.

Capitalism – Socialism – Communism

Is the crisis in Socialism or Capitalism?

The Pope is an economic idiot

The battle between Capitalism (freedom) and Socialism (govt) is as old as civilization

What people are told is Capitalism today is really Marxism in disguise. The more freedoms that are taken away, the less free flow of ideas and trade results, which reduces economic opportunity and prosperity.

Societies, like monetary systems, have collapsed and rebounded throughout history because they have a common denominator – humanity, which is the combination of ALL human traits, not just the good ones. Adam Smith’s observations that it was the “invisible hand”, every individual pursuing their own self-interest, that drives the business cycle, not govt. Unfortunately, govt thinks they are an all powerful God that can manipulate and manage the business cycle, by manipulating interest rates and confidence, and writing laws to herd the sheeple.

The INDIVIDUAL yin-yang between good and evil is just one of the many cycles in the universe, which will never be eliminated, unless the sun stops pulsing and humans become robots, which even then would be programmed by different individuals for good and evil. The govt and their surrogates in the media have successfully pitted political parties against each other, pretending to be in different camps, when in reality they all belong to the same establishment club, with its own set of benefits and exemptions.

The phony reporting on globull warming, unemployment, CPI, Benghazi, Syria, Lybia, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Isis, NSA, NAFTA, TPP; the war on drugs, cash and cell phones to track terrorist and money launderers; and most everything else reported by govt and the presstitutes, goes back long before Obamacare and The Obamination. The propaganda will continue with whoever is elected, and if the only establishment candidate (Trump) wins the election, he will get knocked-off, or turned into a scared puppet like Reagan. The only action that reverses the trend is either a total meltdown/reset of the economy, or a rebellion by the masses that demands short term-limits to end the age of the career politician, which will return power and freedom to the people.

Individual choice is better than individual states deciding, which is better than the federal govt making choices for special interest, because the consequences are more immediate, which produces faster learning and a more accurate interpretation of history. Increased choice and freedom promotes Capitalism that is based on free markets, versus monopolistic markets like health care.

The reason progressive govts sell the idea that the Constitution is at best a flexible document, if not one that should be ignored, is because the Constitution was written as a constraint on govt, to protect the people from govt. The founders understood from their thorough knowledge of history that the greatest threat to civilization is govt. What we are seeing unfolding before our eyes is the same ageless battle between the oppressors in govt and the freedom of citizens. There has never been a greater need in our history for the rule of law and enforcement of the Constitution to protect citizens from govt. It is only through freedom that Capitalism can flourish. The alternative is govt control, economic decay, and the loss of freedoms.

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