Can Trump Shut Down B&B’s?

In our world of headlines for hits, I have no doubt that the establishment (i.e. Democrats, Republicans, the presstitute media, IMF, UN, EU, the military & healthcare industrial complexes, etc.) will try to convince the masses that Trump wants to shut down immigrant mom & pop B&B’s throughout America to reduce competition for Trump hotels. If the anti-Trump sheeple can get beyond the headlines, and set aside their propaganda-fed hate, they would find that the B&B’s to which I refer are the Bribes & Blackmail that infests DC. I assume we can agree that ridding DC of these corrupt acts would be a good thing.

Most people understand that “money in politics” is a distructive force infecting our country. If the media would shine the light on the swamp, then the young people would not waste their time following propaganda and they could feel justified in their protests. Lobbiest are paid for by big corporate donors, but since campaign contributions can be solicited from multiple sources, the real arm-twisting comes from the deep state swamp dwellers that wield real leverage – personal dirt and threats. Since the public has come to accept huge donations from the military and healthcare industrial complexes as normal as a politician lying, proof of large donations/bribes cannot be held over a politicians head. For example, everyone knew that Hillary’s biggest donors came from Wall St., but that didn’t stop most Dems from voting for her. The real decision makers in DC are the people that hold the secrets that politicians don’t want to be made public. These secrets come from PI’s and the NSA.

For corporations, lobbying is a business decision, which means it’s a cost that must be justified. If the return on investment (ROI) is not sufficient, the cost will not be authorized. If more top line benefits (i.e. favorable legislation, govt contracts, etc.) can be obtained without increasing cost, then the ROI and activity increases. A key factor in controlling lobbying cost is the cost to acquire the politician. Once they “build the relationship”, the lobbiest spends much less to maintain the relationship. If term limits forced constant turn-over, the cost of bribing and blackmailing a politician would often drive the ROI to unacceptable levels. As we noted back in 2014, an empirical study in 2009 showed that the ROI for lobbying was 22,000%, and notorious lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, wrote extensively about DC corruption in his 2011 book, Capital Punishment, which mentions term limits as the biggest fear of lobbyist. Any politician that desires to make politics a career is a low cost target for lobbyist and deep state hacks.

Trump will find the establishment is more than willing to clog the drain of the swamp with propaganda debris and bodies if necessary. As I have warned, if Trump uses the bully pulpit and Twitter to expose the rats, they will try to put a bullet in his head. Trump should root out anyone from the Obama regime, and turn the tables on the establishment by leaking NSA dirt on leaders like Pelosi, Schummer, McCain, and Graham – for which their is plenty. Everytime one of these self-serving hacks sticks up their head, take it off with a barrage of incriminating facts that resides in thick files with the NSA. The sooner Trump realizes this is war and the deep state globalist will take us to war and destroy our way of life to protect theirs, the sooner he can begin shutting down the B&B’s.

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