Can Trump Keep the Pillars of Prosperity Standing?

The primary problem staring society in the face is the loss of trust, confidence, and freedom, which is propelled by a complicit media that backs govt corruption, instead of challenging it. The masses may not recognize the propaganda, but investors do, and when the risks get too high, their capital seeks safety, instead of investing in business opportunities that produce jobs. The resulting slower economy reduces tax receipts, which ultimately causes govt to go after other people’s money more aggressively, accelerating the economic death spiral. Can Trump stop the govt cesspool from spinning out of control?

Small businesses are responsible for 70% of jobs in this country, and these businesses are born when ideas, and the capital needed to fund them, flow freely and are protected by the EQUAL enforcement of the rule of law. Instead of enjoying maximum freedom, we have been caught in the circular credibility trap, where a corrupt govt collaborates with it’s big corporate and foreign donors to abort small businesses by imposing burdensome regulations and not enforcing existing anti-trust laws. This society-destroying problem is the most prevalent in the healthcare, food, and military industrial complexes. The fact that the Clinton Foundation is no longer receiving donations, now that their political influence has been squashed by Hillary’s defeat, is indicative that Murphy’s Law also applies in politics.

In a free society, with constrained political corruption, the media keeps govt and corporate abuses in check. Unfortunately, the presstitute media has been captured by a too powerful govt, and as a result they have destroyed their credibility and any ability to legitimately hold the President and Congress’ feet to the fire. Instead of exposing fraud, propaganda, and hypocrisy, the mainstream media (MSM) has become worse than an opposition party that can be defeated by a popular revolt – they are the lead actor in a Collectivist coup, that, instead of being forced underground by the establishment defeat, maintains its faux legitimacy in the eyes of brain-washed sheeple, which explains why this man’s insightful words will likely fall on deaf ears.

A current example of hypocrisy is the media complaint that imposing a tax on Mexican imports will raise the cost on American consumers. Who do these idiots think pays for the forced increases in taxes, minimum wages, and regulations on US businesses? Costs are always passed on to consumers to maintain competitive margins – at least as long as consumers can make ends meet. Since many citizens around the world are tapped out, their govt’s are confronting rebellions and civil unrest, which will boil over for the simple reason that govt’s never reform and complicit media don’t force the issue into the light of day.

Another example where the media is choosing to stir the pot of division, instead of telling both sides of the story, is Trump’s immigrant travel ban from countries the Obama administration identified as terrorist threats. Instead of explaining that the ban does not apply to existing visa and green card holders, the media tries to paint Trump as a racist, even though Muslim is not a race. Europe opened its arms to the Middle East refugees, only to suffer multiple terrorist attacks and a rape contagion – the most recent being a gang rape that was posted on Facebook. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, will likely loose her election in the Fall because of her open boarders policy, which was implemented to repair her damaged reputation due to forcing brutal austerity on the periphery EU countries, like Greece and Portugal. Will Trump encounter improper implementations of his policies? Of course – he has to use govt employees, at least until he makes it easier to fire the incompetent ones.

The self-interest of bureaucrats is the usual source of atrocities, and the current Middle East crisis is no different. The CIA-led, and military and State Dept supported overthrows of Hussein and Kaddafi, the arming of rebels (now ISIS), and the current attempt to take out Assad in Syria for the purpose of replacing Russia-provided gas to Europe with gas from Saudi Arabia and Qatar is the source of the current refugee crisis. Why does Bill Clinton get a standing O when taking a tough stance on illegals, and Trump gets ridiculed by the press? The answer is obvious – the MSM is the propaganda arm for the establishment, which does not want their gravy train to end.

If the MSM cared so much about the plight of Americans and refugees, why is there no open debate on the UNDECLARED wars in the Middle East? Why is there NEVER any discussion about the lack of enforcement of anti-trust laws in the healthcare industry, that has driven costs to unsustainable levels? Why does the media NEVER utter the word CAFR’s (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports), that document the $trillions in assets held on the balance sheets of municipalities and states, which are ignored so ever-increasing taxes can be justified? The answers should be clear as day – the interest of govt comes first.

Another tactic being employed by the establishment and MSM, that conservatives need to be especially aware of, is using establishment Republicans to make their argument against a Trump policy. They tried this during the campaigns, and even though they failed, they are doubling down. Any Republican that paints Russia as a threat based on Ukraine, Syria, or other CIA-initiated rumors, like the hacking of the DNC, should be discarded and viewed as the opposition / establishment / DC Party. These Republican sellouts have sold their souls and will oppose Trump at every step, while never proposing a solution that favors the people over govt’s interests.

Trump supporters realized that establishment Republicans were actually members of the DC Party. Hillary supporters, bewilderingly, did not realize that the Democratic Party is the main pillar of the DC Party. Sure, some thought Bernie was a rebellious alternative. However, since Bernie’s solutions always calls for more govt, his Utopian arm of the DC Party is simply on the other side of the isle from the Clinton sociopaths, who will do anything to protect their perks and power. Trump has declared war on the self-serving political establishment, and Democrats that care about freedom and prosperity should join the fight. When considering the alternative you should think about what side owns the most guns.

The other factor that should be analyzed is the fact that Collectivist are missing the big picture. Revolts against the establishment have been occurring around the world long before Trump came on the scene. Big govt is once again failing the people, as it has done throughout history. These historical mistakes repeat because the passions of man never change, and we fail to use historical data to take that big step forward for mankind.

Trump is fighting against the establishment, which includes Democrats, Republicans, and the presstitute media. UKIP won the fight over BREXIT, le Pen is winning against Hollande’s bankrupt French socialist; and as mentioned, Merkel will likely lose due to backing bankster austerity, and her open boarders backfire. These anti-establishment movements, along with what’s happening in the Netherlands, Italy and Greece will destroy the unelected EU establishment and the euro. What are the anti-Trump protestors missing?

For the most part, these misguided souls are either missing a brain or any history education. When I watch the anti-Trump rallies, which are obviously dominated by Gorge Soros’ paid lackeys, I can’t help but think of the old “Jay-walkin” episodes that Leno used to do, or what you see now from Jesse Waters’ hosting “Waters’ World”. They are clueless, and the MSM doesn’t even realize how it harms their propaganda by putting them on the air. Who do they think caused the flood of refugees that is destroying the EU, and is being denied entry into the US? Do they not realize it was the overthrow policies of Obuma and Hillary that gave us the Syrian refugee crisis?

During the election, many would ask why do you keep referencing Bill Clinton – he is not running for President. The answer was simple – Bill’s self-serving policies are still wreaking havoc today, and Hillary would not have only continued them, but she would have doubled down. Bill rescinded Glass-Steagall and unleashed unregulated OTC derivatives at the request of his bankster donors, which was the root cause of the financial crisis. Hillary’s biggest donors were from Wall Street, and this sole action by Bill and his cronies ushered in the age of “transactional banking” (versus traditional “relationship” banking), and will make the coming financial reset unsurvivable by many, if we don’t force govt to focus on the essential issues, versus the distracting and divisive issues, which is always the strategy of corrupt govt’s.

It should be noted that it was Leftist financial hacks like Larry Summers that scoffed and ridiculed the testimony of CFTC Chair, Brooksley Born, in 1998, who warned about OTC derivatives. It should also be noted that Summers was Obama’s chief economic council, and he would surely be wreaking havoc today with his negative interest rates BS if Hillary was elected. The swamp rats never die, which is why their habitat must be drained.

Bill Clinton also made the discharging of student loan debt through bankruptcy more difficult, which is certainly impacting large numbers of students today. Govt knew they would be handing their bankster donors a gift as the student loan flood gates were opened, just like with subprime mortgage loans. One could even argue that when the Democratic darling looked into the camera and lied in the face of the American people, saying he did not have sex with Ms. Lewinsky, the era of “control fraud” and the “credibility trap” were unleashed, telling the fraudsters that there are no consequences for the powerful.

Freedom-loving people are at war with the global elite, who are working tirelessly to determine the next tack into the wind of freedom that has turned into their face. For example, one of the oppressive strategies that came out of the cabal in Davos is how can cash be eliminated so people cannot escape a banking system that is on the verge of collapse. India has been the big trial balloon, but Europe is the big prize. If these sociopaths are successful at implementing instantaneous payments, which is a major stumbling block that allows banks to take advantage of the float, expect the war on cash to dramatically increase. If you think the current 1970’s-level velocity of money and capital investment is low now, just wait until the masses become aware of govt’s intentions. My advice is start investing in mattresses.

If you don’t want to be swept away by the tsunami of debt and fraud that will crash upon our shores, shortly after it sweeps across Europe and Japan, I suggest ignoring the propaganda and distractions coming from the MSM and establishment, and focus on the things that matter, like eliminating the career politician via term limits.

Throughout history it has always been govt largesse and the inevitable abuse of power that produces the corruption that undermines trust, confidence, and freedom. If we study history and respect the wisdom of our Founders, we may be able to prevent these key pillars of prosperity from crumbling.

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