Breaking News: Russia Caused Global Warming

Just in case the last fake news false flag by the Establishment was inadequate, this fake news story should convince the masses to lay down their arms and beg the govt to impose martial law. In an effort to thwart the global warming tax scheme, Russia has hacked the data of bribed scientists, and changed it to show record cooling would occur this year. In what can only be described as miraculous, the weather cooperated.

The reality is Russia wishes they could start warming the world, as Moscow, like Europe, Japan, and the US, are under a deep freeze. As more winters like this one keep occurring, and people realize we are actually heading into a mini ice age, more people will finally start questioning the lies of the gloBull warming propagandist, just as they did with Obamacare. The question is will laws and taxes already have been implemented. As long as Trump can stay alive, this Obamanation can be postponed.

The Establishment and their presstitutes in the mainstream media hope they can repeat something enough, and people will believe it – even when the lies have been exposed countless times. Combine the lie with some altruistic endeaver like free healthcare/college, or the war on drugs, poverty, terrorism, and climate change and you might as well have the majority fitted with nose rings.

The govt could tax energy until they killed the global economy and it still would not stop the cycles of the universe and our solar system from oscilating. It cannot be more obvious that our sun provides the necessary heat for our survival, yet the global warming sheeple ignore the suns impact on climate cycles, while the so-called experts get paid for manufacturing the results requested by their benefactors.

Richard Lindzen, the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at MIT and a member of the National Academy of Sciences, sums up the money in technology problem quite nicely in a recent article about scientists finally feeling free enough to pop their heads up again, without damaging their careers.

 “I actually doubt that,” he said. Even if some of the roughly $2.5 billion in taxpayer dollars currently spent on climate research across 13 different federal agencies now shifts to scientists less invested in the calamitous narrative, Lindzen believes groupthink has so corrupted the field that funding should be sharply curtailed rather than redirected.

“They should probably cut the funding by 80 to 90 percent until the field cleans up,” he said. “Climate science has been set back two generations, and they have destroyed its intellectual foundations.”

The field is cluttered with entrenched figures who must tow the established line, he said, pointing to a recent congressional report that found the Obama administration got a top Department of Energy scientist fired and generally intimidated the staff to conform with its politicized position on climate change.

“Remember this was a tiny field, a backwater, and then suddenly you increased the funding to billions and everyone got into it,” Lindzen said. “Even in 1990 no one at MIT called themselves a ‘climate scientist,’ and then all of a sudden everyone was. They only entered it because of the bucks; they realized it was a gravy train. You have to get it back to the people who only care about the science.”

Money in technology is no different than the problem with money in politics. Everyone has their price, and even technologists will sell their souls when the cash is enough. It happened in finance, where programmers were enticed with huge salaries to build a trading industry around High Frequency Trading.

Govt and their paid lackeys have wasted so much time and money on valueless activities, when we should be preparing for the real challenges that society will be facing in the near future. The biggest of which is the combined impact of a mini ice age, increased earthquake and volcanic activity, the popping of the govt bond bubble (end of Socialism), and the war cycle. All of these cycles will once again reach their extremes at the same time over the next 15 years. Instead, the Establishment wants us to believe the Russian’s hacked our election. Why don’t they keep repeating that the Russians caused the record cold this year, as part of their evil strategy to upend global warming.

The harsh reality is the fuse of the govt bond bubble has already been lit, with the bottom in interest rates last summer, which Armstrong nailed in July 2016.

The Maunder Minimum (minimum in sun spot activity) has been associated with very challenging times throughout history , and our world is headed there once again. The best thing we can do is learn from history. Even the Pharoah took Joseph’s advice and planned for the seven years of famine after the seven years of abundance.

Everything is connected, and it should be obvious that declining economic activity, govt defaults, and wars are related and exaggerated by natural disasters and climate cycles. Instead of paddling toward the waterfall, maybe we should ignore the propaganda, and at least move to the back of the pack and work our way ashore. Whisper in the technologist’s ear that the establishment will remain in their bubble all the way down the falls, and maybe they should consider joining the non-brainwashed on the shore to prepare for saving the rest of humanity.

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