Bill to Ban Guns

Constitutional Neglect


The Bill to ban “assault weapons” was introduced in the House last week and will ban virtually all guns. Read it, and you should not weep, but instead get even by banning your purchases from the businesses below that cut the ties with the NRA – an organization that has been protecting your 2nd Amendment rights for almost 150 years. By default, these companies do not support the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution.


Companies boycotting the NRA:

First National Bank of Omaha                             Wyndham Hotels

Enterprise Holdings Inc.                                       Delta Air Lines

Allied and North American van lines               United Airlines

Avis and Budget car rental                                   Paramount Rx

Hertz Corp.                                                                 Starkey Hearing

TrueCar                                                                        Lockton Affinity Inc.

Chubb Ltd.                                                                   Dick’s Sporting Goods

MetLife Inc.                                                                 Walmart

Symantec Corp.                                                         Kroger Co.

Simplisafe                                                                   L.L. Bean

Best Western                                                              REI

Just as the “Patriot” Act was crafted years before 9/11, this Bill was crafted a long time ago just for a time like this when emotions run high.

It’s also not a coincidence that Google, the establishment’s search engine started by the CIA, has removed all search results for guns. In its haste, Google also banned searches for anything with “guns” in its name, including Guns and Roses and burgundy –


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