Bernie Sets Himself on Fire

Bernie’s supporters talk about feeling “the Bern”, as metaphor to describe their fervent identification with Sanders’ Socialist ideals. Well, in an act of true leadership, Bernie leads by example by “berning” himself. In what can only be described as self-immolation, Bernie refuses to answer a simple and direct question about what his Socialist policies have done to Socialist Mecca’s, like Venezuela. Venezuela does demonstrate why Socialism ALWAYS fails. So, why didn’t Bernie take the opportunity to contrast how his form of “Democratic Socialism” is different from all the other forms of Socialism that have failed throughout history?
​Thoughtful people know the answer, just as they know why Hillary didn’t want to record the selling favors to donors of the Clinton Foundation while Secretary (Controller) of State. The Clinton Cash book and coming movie document how the Clinton model replicates the business model of the most fraudulent charities that skim 90% off the donations, while claiming tax deductions. Like the Ivory Tower theorist at the Fed who have no practical experience, and thus keep repeating the same mistakes and expecting a different result, Bernie certainly meets Einstein’s definition of insanity.

People know it is not a coincidence that the Clinton’s wealth grew from nothing to hundreds of millions after Bill left the White House and Hillary accepted Obama’s quid pro quo appointment at the State Dept. People should also know that Socialism ALWAYS fails, just like Communism, because the govt eventually runs out of other people’s money and govt money printing (debt creation) does not create wealth/value. BTW, what’s the difference between Socialism and Communism, if the govt over-taxes your property? I guarantee you that anyone that is forced out of their home because they can’t pay their property taxes, even though their home is paid for, cannot distinguish between the two forms of central planning.

It is understandable that young people are angry with “the system”. After all, “it” has stuck them with the bill of irresponsible past generations that mortgaged their kids and grandkids future so their elders could live beyond their means. Before they were born or could vote, govt icons like Bill Clinton rescinded Glass-Steagall – the Great Depression era legislation that seperated traditional (relationship) banking from investment (transaction) banking, so banksters could not make bets with grannies savings using excessive leverage and unregulated derivatives. Clinton also eliminated the ability to expunge student loan debt through bankruptcy, which is the free-market’s constraint on making imprudent loans. Yes, a student loan can be imprudent if the proceeds are squandered on an unmarketable degree just so a person can experience “the college life”.

Sorry, real-world experiences that include working through entry-level jobs can be more valuable than an education from an institution that teaches theories that often need to be unlearned in the real world. Oh, that’s right, the Socialist want to decrease the number of entry-level jobs by mandating a $15/hr minimum wage, that govt actions has turned into a “living wage”. Yes, it is the govt that wants inflation to devalue their debt, versus the naturally occurring deflation that results from technological advancements. Productivity is not keeping pace because capital is afraid to invest due to govt largess (i.e. excessive taxes, fees, regulations, civil asset forfeitures, etc.).

If students were not forced into debt servitude by Clinton’s law, then student loan lenders would act prudently by maximizing the probability that their loans would produce a job that would pay higher taxes, versus being a govt liability. Instead, govt promises a backstop that obligates society to pay for their mistakes. Unfortunately, the govt knows they cannot sell another tax-payer funded bailout, believing that patriotic Americans will gladly donate their savings and retirement accounts to save govt over-spending and pensions.

Republican icons have also destroyed the future of the youth by supporting deficit spending and accepting donations (bribes) from lobbyists that have weakened our economy by reducing competition and ignoring existing anti-trust legislation.  Of course, no one in govt will ever admit they made a mistake, much less accept responsibility for their fraudulent actions, which is why they deflect and point the finger at anyone but themselves. This narcissistic behavior produces the propaganda against job-producing businesses, and self-created foreign boogie men.

The older generation that supports establishment candidates like Hillary continue to exhibit their selfishness by hoping their unrealistic/unsustainable demands on govt hold out until they die, even if it drives up everyone’s health care cost so they can live an extra few months. After decades of subversion that has brainwashed and dumbed them down beyond help, it may be too much to ask for the far-from-greatest generation to do the heroic thing and fall on their silver sword.

To be fair, most of the elderly are already suffering the consequences of not shepherding the principles of our Founders, by constraining the growth of govt so it does not become a cancer that devours itself. However, two wrongs do not make a right, and when you’ve dug yourself into a hole, the first thing one must do is stop digging. The second thing to do is take the so-called leaders that produced the mess and bury them in the hole and use their  worthless bodies as stepping stones to start the upward climb.

Young people, the answer is not Socialism, Communism, Fascism, or any other form of central planning. The answer lies in FREEDOM and the EQUAL enforcement of the rule of law, which are antithetical to big govt.

Old people, accept that you have stolen wealth from future generations through the unprecedented issuance of govt debt. Tear up the govt’s credit card, and stop pretending that consumerism equals happiness. If you want to live longer, walk and stop eating the carbs your govt and food processors say are the foundation of the food pyramid. Stop relying on your doctor for socializing and presciptions that produce more side affects than benefits, which makes their commercials 90% longer than they need to be.

Future generations can accept the temporary blindness, laziness, and neglect that comes with prosperity. All failed societies suffered the same fate. What history will not look favorably upon is the willful neglect after the mistakes have become obvious and the SHTF. If it’s not obvious yet, even though anti-establishment and separatists movements are popping up all over the world, it will be obvious by 2017 when the “Big Reset” (popping of the govt debt bubble) picks up steam.

If you don’t know what to look for, I will tell you in my next post. For now, know that when the sovereign debt bubble pops, resulting in govt’s not being able to pay it’s bills, they will aggressively come after other people’s money, and start wars to distract the masses. These activities only collapse the economy more, a death spiral that is already afoot.

Don’t be fooled by the US being temporarily able to sell its debt when the crisis starts, as economic implosions always flow from the periphery to the core (the US dollar being the reserve currency makes us the core economy). If one needs an example, go look at what happened prior to the 1929 stock market crash. The economic devastation in Europe from WWI chased capital into the US, creating the “Roaring 20’s″, which caused the stock market to soar, doubling just before the crash. Peripheral economies like Venezuela, that cannot sell their debt, are left to money printing to pay the bills, which devalues their currency and causes rampant inflation. This rampant inflation has not occurred in the US because there is still demand for our debt and people are saving for the rainy day they see on the horizon.

The irony this time around will be that the rise of the dollar, due to civil unrest and sovereign defaults, will blow up the balance sheets of govt’s and companies that mistakenly loaded up on cheap dollar-based debts. Unlike the Great Depression, which was the failure of the private sector, the coming Greatest Depression will be the result of govt bankruptcies.

Every generation has their time to step up and be great. It’s not too late for us. It doesn’t take going to war. It only takes going to the voting booth and voting out every incumbent, every election until politicians get the message that it is our Constitution they swore to honor and protect, not their careers. Short term-limits will shrink the ROI for lobbyists, and attract true public servants to govt with actual business experience, instead of losers that can only hope to make a career in the insulated world of govt. Like a woman that puts up with an abusive man (or woman than identifies as a man), there comes a time when enough is enough. The citizens of the world have reached their limit of govt abuse, and it’s time to make a stand for the good of everyone.

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