Beppe Grillo – The Only Man In Europe Who Makes Sense

What’s happening in Italy is more than a microcosm of the anti-establishment fervor sweeping the bankrupt and largess govt’s of western civilization. Now that Greece’s anti-establishment leader has caved to Brussels, and Italy’s insolvent banks have come to the forefront, Beppe Grillo’s 5-Star movement is taking the anti-establishment baton from Nigel Farage’s UKIP to become the tip of the spear aimed at the European Union (EU).

Many are focused on the upcoming French election, and the German election later in Aug, where the establishments will also likely fall, but Grillo’s charisma may force an end to the failed EU experiment and the collapse of the euro first. The above article from Automatic Earth is a great explanation of why Brexit and Trump prevailed, and why the collapse of the EU and Socialism is right around the corner. It also explains why Grillo is popular, which begs the question, will he be assassinated before Trump?

Well, after writing that introduction for the Automatic Earth article yesterday, today we got this:

It appears that the European establishment in Brussels is going the blackmail route, before having to resort to knocking off Grillo. As the above article from Zero Hedge highlights, Grillo is distancing himself from UKIP, which may cause him to lose the public support he has enjoyed by standing up to the money changers and unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. Regardless, nothing can be done to make the worthless debt sitting on the books of Italian banks (and other EU banks) productive, which will go boom when the dollar and rates rise. The only question is who suffers – the people or the establishment and their bond holding donors.

As a brief aside, the other lawless NSA activity exposed by whistleblowers, besides vacuuming up everything on everybody, is gathering dirt on powerful people in order to make them puppets (which also explains why the hundreds of mIllions spent on fighting terrorism has not thwarted any attacks). If blackmail doesn’t work, the CIA sends in the jackals to remind them how their loved ones will meet a horrific death if they don’t get on board. John Perkins does an exellent job describing how the CIA hit men are employed in the asset stripping gambit in his books, one being “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”.

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