Happy Memorial Day!

REMEMBER THE FALLEN BY NOT FALLING FOR ONE MORE GOVT LIE. With global economies contracting under the weight of govt over-spending, corruption, and mismanagement, the age-old distractive tactic of war is once again looming.


Stocks – Get out while you still can?

I was forwarded an article from David Stockman the other day with the tag line “Get out while you still can!”.  In light of last weeks two-day sell-off, Mr. Stockman would appear to be quite the forecaster, except for the fact he has been telling his readers to get out of stocks …


Macron Victory Means the EU Will Land Hard

Macron’s victory in the French election ensures there will be no pressure to reform, which means the landing for the EU will be harsh in the years ahead. The establishment in France, Europe and elsewhere are breathing a sigh of relief tonight, as they will interpret the win as proof that reform …


There’s More Oil in The Golan Heights than in Saudi Arabia

Since the mainstream media works extremely hard to keep important facts from you, and feed you only with propaganda, it would be easy to miss this important story, which is one of the driving forces behind the CIA-initiated war in Syria. The other driving force that we’ve written about extensively …


Why You Should Care About the French Election

As we have been documenting for years, the establishment is failing its citizens around the world. In their selfish attempt to save themselves, govt’s are destroying their economy and society by increasing taxes, confiscating assets, lying, and reducing freedoms to avoid reforming themselves. These ignorant, self-centered actions are causing the capital needed for growth to park on …


Trump Trumped – Deja Vu All Over Again

Since Armstrong has more personal experience behind the curtain than any blogger, reporter, or talking head, it will be interesting to see how his twist on the latest Syrian false flag plays out. If we see more articles like the one out of Australia, that finally links the US govt to the …


The Battle of Our Lifetime

ACT LIKE AN INDIAN Even if you don’t have a doctorate in history or read the invaluable lessons of Martin Armstrong, which are predicated upon understanding cycles, following the money, and observing the predictable passions of man; you should be able to assess what lies ahead, if you simply step back and connect …


Can Trump Shut Down B&B’s?

In our world of headlines for hits, I have no doubt that the establishment (i.e. Democrats, Republicans, the presstitute media, IMF, UN, EU, the military & healthcare industrial complexes, etc.) will try to convince the masses that Trump wants to shut down immigrant mom & pop B&B’s throughout America to reduce competition for …

Political Economy

The Trump Blind Spot

I have often written about the blind spot of Socialists/Collectivists, that allow their Utopian beliefs to displace logic and undisputable math. I have also discussed the blind spot of patriots, that allow their love of this country to be exploited by career politicians that only love their privileged and perky …

Constitutional Neglect

Can Trump Keep the Pillars of Prosperity Standing?

The primary problem staring society in the face is the loss of trust, confidence, and freedom, which is propelled by a complicit media that backs govt corruption, instead of challenging it. The masses may not recognize the propaganda, but investors do, and when the risks get too high, their capital seeks safety, instead of investing in business …