Attempted Coup by Establishment

After former Fox News CEO, Roger Ailes, was taken out like Dominique Strauss-Kahn or a rogue CIA plant, it is apparent that the globalist have something on Mr. Murdock, as FOX has obviously been overtaken by the establishment. I understand that propaganda is now legal in the US since the Fairness Doctrine was officially overturned in Aug 2011, but from a business standpoint, it’s a losing strategy.

Clapper Refuses to Brief Congress It’s hard to have a briefing on nothing.

Continuing to treat the propaganda on Russian hacking and Syrian regime change as legitimate, without any proof, proves your complicity in the destruction of confidence that will destroy our economy. Your decision to not stand on the side of truth will, and should, cause your demise. Did you not learn anything from the anti-establishment votes for Trump, Brexit, in Italy, and what will happen in the Netherlands, France, and Germany? This is a trend, driven by the Invisible Hand, that cannot be managed or manipulated, anymore than man can stop the climate from changing.

I agree with Paul Craig Roberts – why go out on a limb haphazardly? If the establishment does get to the Electors, or if they fail and later try to assassinate Trump, there will be Hell to pay, which will further erode the confidence needed for growth.

The Truth About Aleppo Further proof of meddling and propaganda against Russia by the establishment that has destabilized the Middle East and Europe with a flow of refugees, mostly young men, that cannot be absorbed.

Besides the fatally flawed logic that Armstrong highlights in the link below, did the Russians help the DNC conspire against Bernie, which cost the DNC Chairwoman W-S her job (and then Hillary hired her); or did Russia give her replacement (Donna Brazile) the debate questions that she gave to Hillary in advance, which caused her to step down at CNN?  What about the x-Ambassador Murray who said he received the Padesta emails from a disgruntled Democrat and he gave them to Assange, which Assange verified and said the emails were ABSOLUTELY not from any State sources? Besides, a child could hack a gmail account.

I could go on, but I think rational people know the story. Unfortunately, I don’t think everyone understands the consequences of turning a blind eye to support beliefs and self-interests, allowing govt fraud and abuses to undermine trust and confidence. Since govt debt is backed by faith, fiat currency systems are dependent on trust and confidence to sell their debt, which is why we are seeing interest rates (risk) rise, and global capital prefer stocks with real assets backing them. As civil unrest rises in this country, capital will flee, taking with it the entrepreneurial growth that is the source of our prosperity. Co-conspirators like Fox and the rest of the corporate media should be held to account.

The wack-job Collectivist may desire economic collapse to establish their Totalitarian Utopia, but they forget this country is inhabited by freedom loving patriots with more guns per capita than anyone on the planet, and will squash them like Fascist or Communist stepchildren.

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