Armstrong Asks the Pivotal Question of our Time

As Twisted recently discussed, there is an inseparable and unquestionable relationship between the rule of law, confidence, and the economy. When the rule of law gives way to govt fraud and corruption, public confidence collapses, along with the economy. The rule of law has already collapsed, although many don’t realize it, because the media keeps wanting you to believe that the problem is out-of-control “thugs”, instead of out of control govt spending and fraud. Like one Baltimore protester said, “it’s unacceptable to burn down your city, but it’s also unacceptable to break a kids neck” (and shoot unarmed citizens, and plant evidence, and lie about forensic data, and confiscate assets with no evidence, and fraudulently ticket people, etc).

In his typically insightful manner, Armstrong reviews how the Rule of Law has collapsed, and asks the pivotal question of our time – “Are we capable as a society of taking that one small step for humankind and learn from history just once?


Step one is to stop believing Utopian snake oil salesmen that want you to believe that govt can replace or flat-line the business cycle, conveniently forgetting that govt also becomes fraudulent – and since they have a monopoly on power, their corruption is absolute. Even if you’ve only lived through the last two asset bubbles and their devastating collapses in 2000 and 2008, you have witnessed enough to understand that not only can’t govt and the so-called omnipotent banksters prevent collapses, but their actions are directly responsible for blowing the bubbles in the first place. All govt and their connect cronies do is negatively expand the amplitude of the cycle, turning it into a distorted bubble that produces longer lasting negative consequences. The fact that the Fed has pegged interest rates near zero for six years and the world economy is still on life support should be enough to prove that govt intervention does not work. Yet, like a lottery ticket buyer, Leftist keep believing that govt is their winning ticket.

Everything in the universe has an inherent cycle or wave, including the heart, brain, light, and the sun. Capital and the human emotion that drives the business cycle also follows cyclical patterns…and as Armstrong has famously demonstrated, it’s all quite predictable. Of course, those in govt that want you to believe they are all-powerful and can “manage” the economy and society, don’t like the idea of not being in control, especially if it means the business cycle cares nothing about their promises to win votes. The Forecaster Movie documents these facts and what the govt did to try to silence Armstrong and his Economic Confidence Model. Even today, while the rest of the world is clamoring for the movie, the US tries to block the distribution and sabotage the ratings.


Some people think that documenting facts or reality is doom and gloom, characterizing it as “dark”. It’s also well-known that some people like to stick their head in the sand, believing that ignorance is bliss. In my humble opinion, I prefer to get out-of-the-way of a punch that I can see coming from 1000 miles away. It is not “dark” to pay attention and understand how things really work. What’s dark is listening to the constant parade of negative news that is meant to manipulate and misinform.

Change is coming. It’s just not what the govt wants…or can stop. The bubble this time is in broke Western Govt’s, and when it pops later this year in Europe, everything govt funds with debt will be sacrificed, starting with pensions. When the debt crisis hits home, it will be interesting to see if the media slanders the pensioners that protest in the streets the way they have the Baltimore “thugs”. Both groups have been used by their govt, but they made the mistake of believing the lies. Pensioners believed the mathematical impossibility of govt simultaneously paying a non-contributing pension to retirees and paying for their replacement. The Baltimore “thugs” kept voting for politicians that told them they would take care of them from cradle to grave and that jobs wouldn’t be exported abroad through policies like NAFTA and the latest job-killing TPP fraud.

To clarify, the govt bubble that’s going to pop is in govt bonds. When the gov’t debt market goes “no bid” and is hit with a sudden flash crash, how will govt fund itself when no wants to buy? Of course, the govt and their bankster cronies have a plan to try to save themselves at the expense of everyone else. Some countries have already implemented negative interest rates, and Australia is launching the trial balloon to test the public perception over taxing bank deposits. If people don’t appreciate the desperation of a govt that charges people for holding their money in a bank, maybe it will dawn on them when they actually confiscate their deposits through bail-ins… and if you think FDIC insurance will be around, think again.  It would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad, to see the media working overtime trying to mischaracterize the thugs, pensioners, and savers protesting in the streets.

Balt sign

Is it dark to think that the riots in Baltimore are related to govt corruption, and the mismanagement of resources that has led to neglect and insolvency? Is it dark to think that govt insolvency drives the growth of revenue enforcers (police) to shake down citizens? Is it dark to contemplate the relationship between the protesters in Baltimore and the 50,000 protestors in Barcelona , Turkey, and the rest of the world on May Day?

What’s dark is that citizens can be harassed on petty drug charges that ruin their job prospects, or get them treated worse than a dog by giving out “joy rides” that break their necks. What’s dark is broke govt’s continuing to blood let their citizens through austerity (and police shakedowns), while they refuse to reform themselves.

What’s dark is that people will fraudulently sell man-made climate change as a justification for more taxes. What’s dark is that govt will manipulate evidence that convicts innocent people and even kills them. What’s dark is that govt will fabricate data and plant false flags to sell military engagements that kill thousands of innocent people. What’s dark is that people are afraid to confront the darkness because they feel their insulated little world will come crashing down around their ears. What the heck are these people going to do when they find out their govt knew all about 9-11?

With govt and their collaborators, the ends always justify the means – and the end is taxes, fees, asset forfeitures, paybacks to donors, and what ever else is necessary to preserve their jobs, perks, and power. It’s well documented how govt manipulates CPI, GDP, and unemployment statistics for their benefit. Why would anyone not question the govt’s position on climate change, economics, fiscal policy, Clinton Cash, and the so-called wars on drugs, poverty, and terrorism? If we don’t question and stop TPP, the millions of jobs offshored (again) will create one big Baltimore.

I’m sorry, but avoiding reality will not prevent incidents like Baltimore and Ferguson from coming to a town near most of us. These same issues are driving civil unrest around the world, wherever govt’s are bankrupt (morally and financially). If these problems are not confronted now, the only way positive change will ever come is through a devastating “reset”. Is society capable of taking that one small step for humankind and learn from history just once? 

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