Advice for Trump and America

Armstrong has expanded on the “Solutions” in his recent advice for Trump.  The only thing he forgot was the essential first step – short term-limits.  This was an oversight, as Armstrong knows that most of his ideas will never get implemented under the current system of career politicians.

The attacks on Trump by the establishment are beyond comical, and demonstrate how desperate they are in maintaining the status quo. Even if you don’t know exactly what Trump believes, the fact that the establishment is so hard up to stop him is proving to be reason enough to vote for him.

Trump’s pole numbers reflect what a recent pole exemplified – most people are more afraid of govt than terrorist. I wonder how many more people would be afraid if they truly knew how desperate Govt is about to become, due to their insatiable need for other people’s money. Solutions require a total reform of Govt, which explains why career politicians are so afraid.

How desperate is our govt? The US Treasury just reported it’s 2015 audited financials, and 37% of the government’s total reported assets are student loans. Despite Clinton passing a law that makes it nearly impossible to expunge student load debt through bankruptcy, and regardless of govt’s belief that they can get blood from a stone, many of these loans will not be repaid, because the political establishment has destroyed the economy. As an aside, do you think govt might have known they were opening the student loan flood gates, just like subprime mortgages?

If that is not scary enough, the government’s official net worth is negative $18.2 trillion, and this doesn’t include the bogus numbers reported by several Dept’s that can’t even keep track of their money (i.e. DOD has “misplaced” $8.5 trillion of taxpayer money over the last 20 years). And the same establishment hacks that created this economic catastrophe want to remain in control. Sorry, but the folks are finally catching on.

This same battle between the people and self-centered bureaucrats is occurring all over the globe. The British people have forced their conservative establishment to vote in June on an exit from the EU and the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels (Brexit). Just as the Republican establishment are desperately trying to bypass the will of the American people by forcing a brokered convention if necessary, the EU establishment will do everything in their power to scare the Brits into staying in the failed euro project (or fix the vote), just like they did in the Scottish secession vote, and the Greek vote against austerity.

Australia provides another example of how far govt intends to go to keep their jobs, perks, and power, as they have joined their Marxist brothers in moving toward electronic money to enable govt to gather all the dwindling left over lose change in everyone pockets, and raise taxes at will.

The so-called “astute” political strategist and pundits are proving why they destroyed our economy. Their strategy to prevent Trump from rocking their boat is only making the sea rougher. The harder the Republican and Democrats push against the will of the people, the more the people will support Trump (Ross Perot II), and the next generation of Trump-like outsiders that will take the majority in the 2018 mid-term elections, especially if Trump gets rail-roaded.

There is no stopping the trend that is already in motion – the collapse of socialist-like govt’s. This evolving battle between the people and career politicians and their oppressive needs will influence existing political, social, and economic trends for the next 10-15 years. The establishment is like the drunk that stays too long at the party they never want to end. The morning sun has already risen on the debt-induced party. Those sober enough to follow the flow of capital and the message of the market will survive and prosper…



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