A Vision for the Youth

Any young person that wants to take back their future from the generations before them that economically raped them and stuck them with the bill, should read the two short post from Armstrong below:

As you read these prescient insights, based on the largest database of economic-relevant data that predates the Roman Empire and Ancient Greece, please note that economic prosperity and living standards improve with freedom. The more freely people can travel and interact with each other to develop, research, implement, and transact business the greater the innovations that improve our way of life and produce the desperately needed jobs – not to mention the joy gained from free expression.

Govt’s anti-competitive policies, oppressive taxes, fees, and deficit spending are like sand in an engine. It causes the economy to sputter and eventually shut down, which causes govt, unwilling to reform, to become increasingly oppressive as it tries to protect the perks and power of career politicians.

The immigrant influx into Europe (and the US, for that matter) is the result of decades of oppressive policies, many orchestrated by the US for our own economic benefit. Decades of asset stripping and destabilization tactics overseas have upset the locals, which end up hating our military and govt?  It’s the same animosity we see toward police by local citizens all over the world. People’s hate for the face of govt (police) is growing as govt’s become increasing broke and their fraudulent shake-down tactics become more obvious and pervasive.

There is a reason that municipalities have been arming themselves like the military, and it’s not to protect the public, but to protect themselves from the public, who will be increasingly fleeced with higher taxes, fees, penalties, civil asset forfeitures, and other confiscations to fund govt pensions and political promises/lies. As the economy turns down and people get more broke and desperate, with nothing to lose, they will lose it.

The sooner young people realize their govt and the Fed only care about themselves, the sooner they can get on with demanding the reforms required to save this country and their future. The first step is education and unbiased thought. Armstrong offers a great place to start.

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