A Scary New Propaganda Tool for Govt.

If you think it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction now, just wait until govt’s propaganda machine gets their hands on this technologyThe video demonstrates how any third party actor can be used to manipulate facial expressions of real people on TV. Now, govt won’t need to simply lie about events, they can use old footage of their villain and have them personally deliver the lie.

Since propaganda does depend on having trust and belief in the source, the chances of pulling off the con is certainly getting more difficult, but not impossible. After all, we still have a big chunk of the population that still believes that man can change the world’s climate, politicians can manipulate the business cycle, and all we need to make socialism work is to have a woman or self-professed socialist in the Oval office (as if it’s never been tried before).  It should be obvious that govt and the media lie with the ease of the best con man and should never be trusted. Yet, due to man’s need to trust authority, people will do almost anything, if they believe the orders come from above.

A mistake that so many “good people” make is they assume that because they would never do such corrupt things, like take donations (bribes) from lobbyists, or slant legislation in favor of donors, or create false flags that kill innocent civilians, or lie directly to the public they swear to protect; then politicians and other bureaucrats that could never find success in the competitive free market would never act in such a manner. Ignoring the naivety of such thoughts, these “good people” should consider that they are not the type of people that are attracted to govt. Just as Law Enforcement now targets humanity-challenged veterans to enforce their will on the people, the establishment also targets ethically-challenged individuals that are easier to corrupt.

I recommend reading Confessions of an Economic Hitman to understand how the CIA targeted John Perkins and his weaknesses to pull him into the business of asset stripping countries. After he got in to the club and coerced into one dubious act, you are officially owned. Whether your weakness is money, power, or a seductive woman (or man); the establishment will find a blackmailable flaw, or they will simply frame you. House of Cards is like playing tiddlywinks for today’s career politician.

The other fact that the “good person” should consider is they have been subjected to decades of conditioning and subversion of our educational system, media, govt, and other institutions. It may be hard at first, but one must simply stop believing anything coming from career politicians and the mainstream media. In the next few years all of the big promises told to you by govt and the media will be exposed for what they are, lies that have been kicked down the road since Roosevelt adopted the policies of Karl Marx. The longer you wait to recognize this reality, the more shock you will suffer as your world is turned upside down.

Emotions (fear and greed) are your worst enemy when trading and investing, which is why most investors lose money, buying the high when it feels good, and selling the low when it feels bad. Other emotions also cloud one’s judgment when propaganda satisfies other self-interest. It’s the reason that the propaganda “war on terror” and “war on drugs” is so successful and never will be won – it satisfies the need to feel safe.

The propaganda that was used to sell Obamacare worked because people believe health care is a right at any cost, even if it destroys manufacturing and our society, which is exactly what the fraudulent cabal in the healthcare industrial complex have been doing for decades. BTW, the Fascist-like complexes in the healthcare industry and military have the same essential component, a complicit govt, that is run by career politicians that will sell their souls to protect their perks and power.

The propaganda of climate change has been successful because who doesn’t want an earth free of pollution. The problem is the earth’s climate has been changing due to the cyclical nature of volcanoes, fires, sun spots and other natural phenomena long before man threw the first cigarette butt on the ground. The current cyclical upturn in earthquakes and volcanic activity is turning up again, just as it did prior to the Great San Francisco earthquake of 1906; and when coupled with the coming Maunder Minimum in a couple decades, the next mini Ice Age will have everyone praying for global warming.  Even if we destroyed the world’s economy by eliminating our ability to economically produce the energy needed to power factories and our AC, refrigerators, and heaters, the earth’s climate and temperatures would keep oscillating over a time frame that is inconvenient for man’s need for immediate gratification.

It may sound harsh, but the gullible people that endorse lies like climate change and the UN’s Agenda 2030 are nothing but “useful idiots”, being manipulated by large corporations and their political front men and women to gain greater power and control over natural resources and taxing authority – from which unelected groups like the IMF, UN and EU are exempt. While children have always been targeted first by political leaders, it seems adults are just as naïve in believing the BS spewed by desperate govt’s.

Another group of wannabe Gods are the Ivory Tower theoreticians at the Fed and other Central Banks, who believe they can manipulate the business cycle, even though Paul Volcker has come out admitted otherwise. Man likes to believe they can control everything, especially career politicians that depend on convincing the masses they have such powers. However, as history has proven time and time again, all they can do is accentuate the trends to the upside and downside. The Feds propaganda skills will truly be tested in the coming years, as they raise rates to save pensions and their reputation as a serial bubble blower, telling the masses it is to halt inflation, when the inflation is in govt (taxes) and currency devaluation, not the result of increased demand.

Recently, Tonight with John Oliver humorously discussed what’s happening in Puerto Rico, which is also playing out in Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Chicago, just to name a few.  In fact, Chicago has the same laws as PR, that make it impossible to declare bankruptcy to get out from under the debt and onerous interest payments, which results in the only solution that banksters and vulture funds care about – austerity – cut benefits and raise taxes to pay the interest, or as John Oliver might say, “f*ck you and pay me, b*tch”. You can bet that the propaganda adds that are now running, trying to convince the public that a bankruptcy by Puerto Rico is bad, and could lead to IL declaring bankruptcy, is paid for by the banksters and vulture funds that prefer sticking it the people instead of taking a haircut. Bankruptcy is the only solution for PR and other govt’s, if you don’t want the last drop of blood sucked from the people. What Presidential candidate has the most experience restructing debt? Ya, that would be Trump.

As govt goes more in debt trying to save itself, they will be forced to get increasingly desperate and aggressive in the way they go after other people’s money, which of course increases the Saffir-Simpson wind scale rating of the Tornadicane death spiral caused by the govt black hole. One of the desperate measures that will be used is sophisticated propaganda technology that could fool even the most skeptical of govt. My simple solution for those that don’t feel like doing their own research is to believe the opposite of what you hear. As each of these sales jobs become known for what they really are, it further erodes trust and confidence, which are the linchpins of a robust economy.

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