3-D Printed Gun is Now a Reality

If you’ve ever seen a 3-D printer in action, you’re aware of the massive potential of this disruptive technology. The Liberty inherent in a 3-D printers ability to make most anything in one’s own home has to scare the fascism right out of the elite. To exemplify the diffused power of 3-D printing, Cody Wilson set out to put the power of the 2nd Amendment in everyone’s hands by giving them the power to print their own gun. The actual act of providing the building blocks for a gun is trivial compared to the message this kid is trying to convey. What the Internet did to information, 3-D printing can do for Liberty. No wonder the govt wants to control the internet.

This interview with Cody Wilson is truly inspiring. If the future is reflected by youth like Cody, the future is bright. 3-D printing could very well be the next battleground for govt, who is hellbent on maintaining power. Therefore, I fully expect IBM, Microsoft, Apple, GE, and/or Google to buy up every patent and 3-D printing start-up and mothball it along side thorium reactors. I hope this next generation is much more involved than the last.

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