Why You Should Care About the French Election

As we have been documenting for years, the establishment is failing its citizens around the world. In their selfish attempt to save themselves, govt’s are destroying their economy and society by increasing taxes, confiscating assets, lying, and reducing freedoms to avoid reforming themselves. These ignorant, self-centered actions are causing the capital needed for growth to park on the sidelines or head underground.

What’s happening in France right now is the result of the same govt abuses that produced Brexit and Trump. Like the US elections, all of the establishment candidates lost in the first round of French elections last week. The run-off this Sunday will be between Marine Le Pen, who some call LeTrump because she captured anti-establishment sentiments like Trump; and Emmanuel Macron, who Pepe Escobar calls “the candidate of the EU, NATO, the financial markets, the Clinton-Obama machine, the French establishment, assorted business oligarchs and the top six French media group”. Like Clinton, Macron is promising to maintain the status quo, while Le Pen wants to turn it upside-down.

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Trump Trumped – Deja Vu All Over Again

Since Armstrong has more personal experience behind the curtain than any blogger, reporter, or talking head, it will be interesting to see how his twist on the latest Syrian false flag plays out. If we see more articles like the one out of Australia, that finally links the US govt to the replacement of Russian gas through Syria with gas lines from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, then you will know how desperate the establishment is to bring down Trump. However, if the media continues to sell the poison gas false flag, and ignore the energy connection, then Trump is either a moron for believing this false flag, which he condemned the first time it was tried; or he has caved into the military industrial complex and become exactly what he campaigned against. Either way, we have been duped, and if you have kids of draft age (girls or boys), plan accordingly.

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The Battle of Our Lifetime


Even if you don’t have a doctorate in history or read the invaluable lessons of Martin Armstrong, which are predicated upon understanding cycles, following the money, and observing the predictable passions of man; you should be able to assess what lies ahead, if you simply step back and connect the dots. Capital always concentrates with individuals, market sectors, and nations. In 1981 the bubble was in interest rates. In 1985 it was the dollar, and in 1989 the bubble was in Japan, followed by SE Asia in 1994 and Russia in 1998. The next bubble was in the tech sector in 2000, followed by real estate in 2007, and the latest and biggest bubble that is in the  process of popping is govt bonds.

Going back further in time, the Great Depression was caused by capital fleeing Europe due to WWI, which created the roaring 20’s, and culminated in the stock market doubling in the last year before crashing in 1929. The 29′ crash was exacerbated by the fact that east coast banks and insurance companies had shipped large amounts of capital to San Francisco to rebuild after the 1906 earthquake. Thus, it was not around to thwart the bank runs. Everything is connected, if you just follow the money. To explain what is interconnected today, and how it will impact our future is not a simple task, but Rome was not built-in a day. So, grab a bottle of wine and not a gun, as we look behind the curtain and peer into the future.

The heart of a healthy economy and prosperity are confidence, trust, and maximum freedom. If consumers and businesses feel confident, they spend and invest. However, if ideas and capital can’t flow freely, businesses and value are not efficiently created. The most feeble economies in the world are those with rampant govt corruption and little confidence, which can’t attract the capital needed for growth. When you have an anemic economy run by career politicians, the result is less freedom and ever-increasing taxes, fees, and asset forfeitures to maintain govt jobs, perks, and power.

Step back and put your ear to ground like the Indians used to do and ask yourself, is govt coming or going? Is trust, confidence and freedom on the rise? One must also be able to think globally, and realize that because everything is connected it’s not a linear world. The media, talking heads and politicians tell us that employment, the stock market and dollar are up because of Trump’s policies, and if interest rates rise the economy will decline, or if the dollar declines gold will rise. All of these “if this/then that” statements are meant to manipulate us, as they are certainly not true over time. What if stocks and the dollar are up because of the chaos in the EU, Japan, the Middle East and South China Sea, causing global capital to seek the relative safety of dollar-based assets? The establishment doesn’t debate these topics because they are either ignorant or want to keep the facts from you.

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Can Trump Shut Down B&B’s?

In our world of headlines for hits, I have no doubt that the establishment (i.e. Democrats, Republicans, the presstitute media, IMF, UN, EU, the military & healthcare industrial complexes, etc.) will try to convince the masses that Trump wants to shut down immigrant mom & pop B&B’s throughout America to reduce competition for Trump hotels. If the anti-Trump sheeple can get beyond the headlines, and set aside their propaganda-fed hate, they would find that the B&B’s to which I refer are the Bribes & Blackmail that infests DC. I assume we can agree that ridding DC of these corrupt acts would be a good thing.

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The Trump Blind Spot

I have often written about the blind spot of Socialists/Collectivists, that allow their Utopian beliefs to displace logic and undisputable math. I have also discussed the blind spot of patriots, that allow their love of this country to be exploited by career politicians that only love their privileged and perky lifestyles. It is this patriotic blind spot that gave us the rights-abusing Patriot Act, the Iraq war, the Vietnam war, and could bring us Martial Law and WWIII, if we don’t hold Trump accountable.

Trump supporters elected him President primarily because he was not a career politician, meaning he might do what he actually campaigned on, including draining the cesspool of fraud that the establishment calls DC, and Trump calls the swamp. People came out in record numbers to support Trump because he said in politically incorrect terms what many people wanted to hear, and most of the other Republican candidates were from the hated establishment, and most importantly, the Democratic opponent was the perfect villain. The storyline that no one saw this coming is itself fake news, which has helped build the wall of identity politics higher. If your objective is to “divide and conquer”, then the plan could not be going any better. What if the globalist are using Trump just like the establishment?  Don’t forget, the govt needs civil unrest and civil war to impose Martial Law, and based on the fact that friends are at each others throat over Ivanka Trump’s line of clothes, it tells me plenty of people are itching for an excuse to grab their pitchforks and muskets.

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Can Trump Keep the Pillars of Prosperity Standing?

The primary problem staring society in the face is the loss of trust, confidence, and freedom, which is propelled by a complicit media that backs govt corruption, instead of challenging it. The masses may not recognize the propaganda, but investors do, and when the risks get too high, their capital seeks safety, instead of investing in business opportunities that produce jobs. The resulting slower economy reduces tax receipts, which ultimately causes govt to go after other people’s money more aggressively, accelerating the economic death spiral. Can Trump stop the govt cesspool from spinning out of control?

Small businesses are responsible for 70% of jobs in this country, and these businesses are born when ideas, and the capital needed to fund them, flow freely and are protected by the EQUAL enforcement of the rule of law. Instead of enjoying maximum freedom, we have been caught in the circular credibility trap, where a corrupt govt collaborates with it’s big corporate and foreign donors to abort small businesses by imposing burdensome regulations and not enforcing existing anti-trust laws. This society-destroying problem is the most prevalent in the healthcare, food, and military industrial complexes. The fact that the Clinton Foundation is no longer receiving donations, now that their political influence has been squashed by Hillary’s defeat, is indicative that Murphy’s Law also applies in politics.

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Breaking News: Russia Caused Global Warming

Just in case the last fake news false flag by the Establishment was inadequate, this fake news story should convince the masses to lay down their arms and beg the govt to impose martial law. In an effort to thwart the global warming tax scheme, Russia has hacked the data of bribed scientists, and changed it to show record cooling would occur this year. In what can only be described as miraculous, the weather cooperated.

The reality is Russia wishes they could start warming the world, as Moscow, like Europe, Japan, and the US, are under a deep freeze. As more winters like this one keep occurring, and people realize we are actually heading into a mini ice age, more people will finally start questioning the lies of the gloBull warming propagandist, just as they did with Obamacare. The question is will laws and taxes already have been implemented. As long as Trump can stay alive, this Obamanation can be postponed.

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A Coup Has Occurred

In predictable Establishment fashion, a manufactured crisis (false flag) was not wasted so more federal control can be imposed over the people. On a Friday, when they hope no one is paying attention, Jeh Johnson, head of the Department of Homeland Security, announced that his office will take over all aspects of US elections. His excuse is the false claim that the election system is threatened by Russian ‘influence’, even though the Feds admitted that State elections were not hacked, which is obvious since voting systems are not hooked up to the internet. 

Will Trump allow the DHS to take over the election process? It absolutely warrants our attention, which is why the mainstream media has been silent. Your clue that this story ranks 500 on a scale of 1 to 10 is how under-reported it is in the mainstream media.

Beppe Grillo – The Only Man In Europe Who Makes Sense


What’s happening in Italy is more than a microcosm of the anti-establishment fervor sweeping the bankrupt and largess govt’s of western civilization. Now that Greece’s anti-establishment leader has caved to Brussels, and Italy’s insolvent banks have come to the forefront, Beppe Grillo’s 5-Star movement is taking the anti-establishment baton from Nigel Farage’s UKIP to become the tip of the spear aimed at the European Union (EU).

Obama’s (Establishment’s) Soviet-style Propaganda

In this week’s edition of “Need to Know News“, Mr. Griffin discusses the propaganda surrounding the ALLEGED Russian hacking of the already corrupt DNC. He also reminds us of his interview with Soviet KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov, who knows first hand how the propaganda game is played. Bezmenov participated in the subversion techniques that the Collectivist Left continue to employ. (You don’t have to pay to see the interview, it is here, and I highly recommend it, as it will explain much of the upside down thinking and policies that our country is saddled with).

When I shared Mr. Griffin’s comments with my wife, she said, duh – everybody knows this is BS. To which I said, the mainstream media would not continue pushing the propaganda of DNC hacking by the Russians, if there were not plenty of “useful idiots”.

The false narrative by the establishment continued on the Sunday shows, as their talking points were Obama did not act sooner or tougher. Bypassing the fact that there is no evidence of Russian hacking and assuming the Russians did it, is right out of the propagandist handbook. They did it with WMD’s in Iraq. They did it in Ukraine with lies about a Russian invasion and the downing of a passenger plane. They did it in Syria with the lie that Assad used mustard gas on his own people, when it was really the “rebels” (ISIS), which the US is arming.

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