Do You Think China Might Have Clue As To What The Future Holds?

Here’s one of the charts



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Welcome to the World of Stagflation (and rising gold)

Gerard Depardieu Wants His Freedom Back

History clearly states that money, highly mobile and flexible, will flee various forms of social, economic, and financial oppression. German wealth fled to Switzerland to hide from the NAZI taxation in the early 1930’s. While today’s taxation premise could be viewed as “its different this time”, it’s producing a similar flight or withholding of productive capital throughout western economies. This dampens economic growth while expansionary monetary policies are implemented to encourage it. Welcome to the world of stagflation. Just as the “bad guys” will always get their guns, the uber-wealthy will always stay a safe distance from the long-arm of oppressive governments. It’s always the little guy that takes the hit.

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What do you know that the media and masses don’t?

The market is up because of today’s employment report, right? On the surface, it was a good report, right?  As always, with the lazy media’s nose so far up the govt’s backside, all you’ll hear discussed is the color of the lipstick and not the pig. When everyone else is walking around like a zombie trying to figure out why the economy and stocks collapsed, simply shoot them this 2nd grade math assessment.

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JP Morgan Caught Again

JP Morgan caught in another manipulation game, this time in the energy markets –  Does anyone remember Enron?

I could literally write everyday about a big bank somewhere in the world getting caught with their pants down. It’s actually becoming boring, as it’s become so expected. What I don’t think I’ll ever get used to however, is the fact that no one EVER goes to jail. Didn’t we just learn that no one will be prosecuted for the London Whale trade, where Bruno kept doubling down with other peoples money until he couldn’t. The only difference between Bruno and Bernanke is Bruno had a constraint called shareholders. However, none of them have their fraudulent actions constrained by the law, which is the only thing that matters, because it impacts trust. In a free market economy, who’s life blood is capital formation, trust is everything. 

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The Next Bubble to Pop

Please take 25 min to view this presentation – Columbia Economist Dr. Jeffrey Sachs Speaks Candidly About Reform

All bubbles form and peak in a similar manner. They go unnoticed for years, and then transition from linear growth through a parabolic blow-off stage before collapsing. The next bubble is following that exact same trajectory and we have certainly hit the parabolic phase. Some may think the bubble to which I refer is the bond market, or even gold. However, the bubble I am referring to is the fraud bubble. I have been echoing the research done by many others since the root causes of the financial crisis were uncovered in early 2009. It’s encouraging that a prominent insider like Jeffrey Sachs has gone to the top of the mountain and started shouting.

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3-D Printed Gun is Now a Reality

If you’ve ever seen a 3-D printer in action, you’re aware of the massive potential of this disruptive technology. The Liberty inherent in a 3-D printers ability to make most anything in one’s own home has to scare the fascism right out of the elite. To exemplify the diffused power of 3-D printing, Cody Wilson set out to put the power of the 2nd Amendment in everyone’s hands by giving them the power to print their own gun. The actual act of providing the building blocks for a gun is trivial compared to the message this kid is trying to convey. What the Internet did to information, 3-D printing can do for Liberty. No wonder the govt wants to control the internet.

This interview with Cody Wilson is truly inspiring. If the future is reflected by youth like Cody, the future is bright. 3-D printing could very well be the next battleground for govt, who is hellbent on maintaining power. Therefore, I fully expect IBM, Microsoft, Apple, GE, and/or Google to buy up every patent and 3-D printing start-up and mothball it along side thorium reactors. I hope this next generation is much more involved than the last.

The Big Dots – See If You Can Connect Them

When misguided public opinion honors what is despicable and despises what is honorable, punishes virtue and rewards vice, encourages what is harmful and discourages what is useful, applauds falsehood and smothers truth under indifference or insult, a nation turns its back on progress and can be restored only by the terrible lessons of catastrophe.
Frederic Bastiat

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Bloomberg Dissed

Doing exactly what this NY Pizza owner did to Mayor Bloomberg exemplifies what every citizen needs to do to take back this country – Deny Consent!

The fact that New Yorkers actually voted for this guy, is almost as bad as Clinton, Bush, and Obama being re-elected. I want to believe that when presented with the facts, people will still do the right thing. Therefore, I’m going to start a marketing campaign for FOUR EASY STEPS TO TAKE BACK THIS COUNTRY. 

The major groups that are most responsible for destroying this country are politicians, big banks, media, large healthcare companies, and big food producers. Therefore, each step will focus on these groups. The best part is each step is easy, and/or beneficial for you, so it’s a win-win situation. Look for details shortly.