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Banning Guns is Simply Logical

If we ever want to stop the senseless gun violence that kills 30,000 people each year, guns must be banned and everyone must be required to turn in their weapons. Granted, this is far fewer people who die from drug overdoses (40,000), flu (36,000), and traffic fatalities (34,000), but we have to start somewhere. Solutions will later be proposed to reduce, not only, these deaths, but also the 710,000 deaths caused by heart disease, and the more than 200,000 senseless deaths caused by preventable medical errors.

I know that 80% of gun deaths come from suicides (65%) and “justified” law enforcement (15%), but eliminating guns will at least force distraught people to find other ways to kill themselves, and police will be forced to use the Taser’s we bought them. Ridding the nation of guns would also eliminate the 3% of deaths (900 people) caused by accidental discharge of weapons. Now, if we can get govt to also ban cell phone use in cars, we could save almost three times as many lives (2,600) that are “accidentally” killed in vehicles from cell phone distractions.

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Beppe Grillo – The Only Man In Europe Who Makes Sense

What’s happening in Italy is more than a microcosm of the anti-establishment fervor sweeping the bankrupt and largess govt’s of western civilization. Now that Greece’s anti-establishment leader has caved to Brussels, and Italy’s insolvent banks have come to the forefront, Beppe Grillo’s 5-Star movement is taking the anti-establishment baton from Nigel Farage’s UKIP to become the tip of the spear aimed at the European Union (EU).

Renzi, like Clinton, Pitchforked

Another one bites the dust!

While Democrats continue to lament the loss of their infamous leader, clinging to the belief that California voters gave Hillary the popular vote (like that matters), the rest of the world continues to scream at the top of their lungs – CENTRALIZED PLANNING DOES NOT WORK!  Never ending taxes and regulations eventually kill an economy, but CAREER politicians never look in the mirror because that is their lifeblood.

Most Democrats don’t understand what the EU and euro project was even all about, and why it is failing. So, how can they understand the anti-establishment messages sent by Brexit, the concession of Hollande, and now the trouncing of Renzi. The only support still standing is Merkel, and she may beat the refugees out of town that she plans deport.

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The Big Election Losers: Colleges, Polls, & Corruption

The pundits couldn’t say it enough – Clinton leads among college-educated voters, and Trumps only supporters are uneducated whites. We have known for a long time that test scores have been declining for decades. We now have further proof that our captured, establishment education system is a complete failure. To believe that Hillary should even be a candidate takes huge hubris-filled cojones, or the curiosity of a gnat.

I compared the pollsters to the captured ratings agencies leading into the financial crisis, who rated baskets of subprime mortgages AAA. The polls were an extension of the captured, propaganda media, and both deserve the same fate – bankruptcy.

The biggest Loser was corruption. No matter how much collusion existed between the political establishment, big money on Wall Street, Big Pharma, and the military industrial complex they could not Trump the American spirit.

After the Brexit vote I said I would bet all comers a steak dinner that Trump would win. People around the world are tapped out and tired of funding self-centered, inept, and corrupt career politicians. Needless to say Ruth’s Chris and Bern’s will be seeing me often.

Unexpected setbacks can serve as great learning experiences. It was the financial crisis that caught me totally off guard and caused me to do the deep dive into the causes. The investigation opened my eyes to the level of systemic fraud and corruption between govt, Wall Street, ratings agencies, and regulators. The deeper I dug, the more corruption was uncovered, including within my beloved Republican Party.

It took a couple of years to finally realize that the Republican Party was really the establishment party. I hope Democrats will use this experience to do their deep dive. I know it might be harder for a Democrat to reject the establishment, since they tend to depend on govt for cradle to grave support. However, the sooner you learn that the political promises were lies the faster you can move through the stages of grief. You will also learn a great deal about history, what once made America great, and why Hillary had no chance.

The big winner – common sense.

The big concern -Trump’s life. The desperate establishment and their dependents are the true crazies. Trump needs to lay low and beef up his security. The other concern is a preemptive war. Anything is possible when the establishment has so much to lose.

The next losers – Merkel, Hollande, the euro, and EU bureaucrats. Brexit was the first shot across the bow of the establishment. Trump has scored a direct hit, and based on the immigration crisis that Merkel enabled and Hollande’s socialistic policies that are destroying the French economy, both leaders could easily go down in their respective elections next year. Europe’s debt problems will eventually destroy the euro in the next couple of years, and the bureaucrats in Brussels should follow suit. The global elites will not give up their dream of ruling the world, so diligence is still necessary.

Hillary’s Fight for Children Takes a Clintonian Turn

For all you prim and proper Democrats and man-haters that were horrified and disgusted by Trump bragging about grabbing some p*ssy, I would love to hear your rationalization for voting for Hillary when you learn, in addition to her being a prolific liar and “queen of corruption”, that she is also a pedophile.

Oh, and if you think Dr. Steve Pieczenik would risk the liable charges by making such claims without having the goods, then you still believe Saddam had WMD’s and Bill did not have sex with that woman.

Even without this new information, Bill should be required to register as a sex offender to alert the residents around 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Poor Chelsea. She has learned another life lesson – you don’t get to pick your parents.

Based on their complete rejection of the establishment, Republican voters learned their lesson from the lies about WMD’s, Saudi involvement in 9/11, the lack of fiscal responsibility, and many other lies.  Blacks and Unicorn believers have learned their lesson with Obama, who is the only President in U.S. history without at least one year of GDP growth over 3%, even after doubling the debt – including during the Great Depression.

With Obamacare premiums and taxes set to go sky high under Hillary, Hillary would break Obama’s dismal economic record, and certainly drag us into another World War. I hope Hillary supporters are better at objectively looking at the facts and history, instead of repeating the same mistakes. However, based on the parroting of the propaganda media I hear from Democrats, I am not very confident. I know the previous Rasmussen poll showed that over 70% of Democrats would still vote for Hillary if she was indicted. I hope they draw a line with pedophilia.

Why do Democrats / Socialists Ignore the Obvious?

A few years ago I posted the 1984 interview with Yuri Bezmenov, a former Soviet KGB defector, who tried to warn Americans about the subversion tactics that have been successfully implemented in the US since the 60’s. If you want to better understand the current political, educational, and economic craziness, and why your Democratic family member or friend is unable to see the facts staring them in the face regarding the massive systemic fraud and corruption in their precious Party, and the establishment in general, then watch the video. If you only have a few minutes, then jump to the 1:07:30 mark. The demoralization phase has come and gone, and we are within a couple of years of the short crisis and normalization phases.

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A Scary New Propaganda Tool for Govt.

If you think it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction now, just wait until govt’s propaganda machine gets their hands on this technologyThe video demonstrates how any third party actor can be used to manipulate facial expressions of real people on TV. Now, govt won’t need to simply lie about events, they can use old footage of their villain and have them personally deliver the lie.

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Are You Acting Like Indian?

Some may believe in conspiracies, even though it’s not necessary, since those suspected of conspiring are way too self-centered and stupid to pull it off. Others will not believe anything, because the truth is stranger than fiction, and therefore must be the result of blogger plant’s. While people should be aware of the age old propaganda techniques of telling very big lies and telling them often, it’s not necessary. All one really needs to do is act like an Indian and put their ear to the ground to determine if Govt is comin’ or goin’.

There are at least 40% of the population that still do not understand that more govt means less freedom and prosperity, and will want the govt to come riding to the rescue, even though 95% of our problems can be traced back to govt self interest, hubris, fraud, neglect, and incompetence – or in a word, largess. It is becoming increasingly obvious why the only anti-establishment candidate is being painted as a misogynistic bigot and hater of Mexicans and Muslims. Yet, career politicians and those that benefit from crony capitalism continue to pray on the unaware, hoping they buy the BS and will ignore the biggest bubble that is about to pop – govt bonds, and the largess they finance (with the interest paid to bankster donors, of course).

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Conspiracies and Propaganda

Making informed decisions about political candidates, business strategies, or one’s own personal economic situation is challenging under any circumstance. It becomes even more difficult in our highly political economy, where our so-called Representatives and public servants, along with their surrogates in the media, will say and do anything to protect their self-interest. Beyond the normal convoluted political rhetoric, there are well-intentioned analysts and economists that are also feeding us erroneous information based on flawed economic theories and models, primarily because they rely on a US-centric view of the world, and data that lacks the historic depth for accurate back-testing. The world is way more complicated and inter-connected to rely on simple, one-dimensional, if this, than that explanations.

To make matters worse, one has to deal with the insidious propagandists that use a wide range of techniques to misinform and brainwash the unwashed, such as subversion, conspiracies, and false flags. The purpose of all of these strategies is to focus the light away from those responsible, and to erode the foundation on which we base our decisions.

We have been living through the results of flawed economic models and theories for at least 15 years, and if you live in Japan, it has been over 20 years. The “well-educated” theoreticians, that have been directing our economy from their ivory towers, still don’t understand that you cannot solve a debt problem by adding more debt. To help their bankster banks and overly indebted govt’s, central bankers reduced interest rates to near zero, and kept them there for over seven years. Instead of fanning the flames of inflation, which is a flawed, repressive strategy on its own, this Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) has sucked the oxygen out of the economy and punished savers. Yet, how many govt and Wall Street representatives have come on TV to tell you things are better than before the financial crisis in 2008? For example, when talking about the economy in his SOTU speech, Obama said, “Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction”. The charts above, and the 21 New Numbers That Show That The Global Economy Is Absolutely Imploding paint a picture of reality that is a bit different.

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A Vision for the Youth

Any young person that wants to take back their future from the generations before them that economically raped them and stuck them with the bill, should read the two short post from Armstrong below:

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