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Clinton’s Sexual Misconduct – Screwing Students and MUCH More

If further proof is needed that the mainstream media are in the tank for Hillary, look no further than the student loan debt crisis facing many of our youth, who cannot find good jobs to pay back the massive pile of debt required to pay for runaway tuition prices. It was Bill Clinton who handed the students head on a platter to his bankster donors, when he signed the Higher Education Amendments in 1998, which made it virtually impossible to discharge student loan debt in bankruptcy. Only a person who participated in the MKUltra project could believe that Hillary is for the little guy.

The bankruptcy process is the free market’s way of protecting against imprudent lending. If banks must suffer the consequences of making bad loans, they will conduct the proper due diligence to maximize the probability of getting their loans repaid. However, if lenders can make loans that the govt backs with the promise to hound the borrower until they die, then the consequence for imprudent lending is reduced, resulting in loans being made to anyone with a pulse. As long as we have career politicians like the Clinton’s and Bush’s, banksters and anyone looking to eliminate the competition (i.e. healthcare industrial complex) will find it easy to buy the perfect, risk-free trade.

When ignorance gets started it knows no bounds – Will Rogers

Just as this imprudent lending produced the real estate bubble and mortgage crisis, the over-abundance of student loan money has driven tuition costs beyond what can be afforded by a part-time job, as was the case before the financialization of America and explosion of debt that started in the early 80’s. Just like all subsidized industries (i.e. healthcare), universities are more than happy to take the money to pay for unsustainable pensions, without any incentive to actually graduate kids with the skills needed to obtain a job they went to school for, which now applies to 60% of graduates. BTW, these same negative consequences would result with Bernie’s plan to make Wall Street and tax payers pay for a free ride, except his plan insures there will be less jobs available for the unprepared graduates. The lessons from our grandparents still apply – you get what you pay for, and there’s no such thing as a free lunch.


Pictured above includes, infamous insiders Larry Summers (far left) and Boehner (far right). Who you don’t see is McCain (between Greenspan and Phil Gramm).

It just so happens that this unbridled, imprudent lending practice was also unleashed by the Clintons when Bill signed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999, which dismantled Glass-Steagall, the legislation that was put in place in 1933 (after the 1929 crash) to separate traditional (relationship) banking from commercial (transactional) banking. Once commercial banks could use grandma’s savings for their PROPrietary trading, and get their too-big-to-fail losses covered by the tax payer, well, as they say, the rest is history.

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Seasons, Guns, Terrorism, and the Middle East

According to the media, you should feel nervous and jittery about the terrorist attacks? I don’t know about you, but the only things I feel nervous and jittery about are the incompetent clowns who claim they know how to fix our economy, say they are vacuuming up all our personal data to protect us, and are arming Syrian rebels (ISIS and al Qaeda) so oil and gas from Saudi Arabia and Qatar can replace supplies from Russia.

The French have data collection policies that are many times more invasive than the NSA (and it’s getting worse), which has not stopped one terrorist attack, including the horrific attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, even though the Jihadist were using cell phones and social media to communicate. Why has the data collection not worked? What you will find hard to believe, likely because you don’t want to believe it, is the French and US Govt’s do not care about stopping terrorism. If they did, they certainly would not be arming and funding the terrorist organizations, which is exactly what they have been doing. The fact is the French have been trying to reestablish its colonial power in Syria for many years, and the US has leveraged its paranoia over Russia to keep its boot on the neck of the Middle East and satisfy the lobby of the military industrial complex, that already has a budget that is bigger than the next 10 countries, combined.

What the French and US govt’s have in common is they are both broke, and are doing ANYTHING they can to hold on to their precious jobs, perks, and power. What they do care about is gathering data on their citizens to track and collect money under the façade of stopping terrorism. It’s the fear of terrorism that has given govt the excuse to take away our rights and freedoms, which keep us safe from robbers and terrorist carrying guns, as well as oppressive govt’s, which our Founding Fathers warned us about so unambiguously. There is a reason that non-establishment candidates are leading in the poles in the US, France, and many other broke govt’s that are digging in their heels to save their bacon. Sorry Mr. President, you and Hollande have failed your people economically and failed to protect them from terrorist because your wasting all of your vast assets hunting money instead of terrorist.

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The Lies about GloBull Warming & Guns Speak Volumes

The lies about global warming and guns harm the economy and violate our rights, while doing nothing to halt what they claim to prevent. These frauds do advance the agenda of the establishment, and it also demonstrates how easily the masses can be manipulated. What would be laughable, if it wasn’t so sad, is that the believers in globull warming and the abolishment of the 2nd Amendment will admit that the govt lies about all kinds of things. It just happens to never lie about their interests. It’s the same convenient logic that believes that taxing carbon will reduce carbon, but income and prosperity won’t be reduced when they are taxed. I guess if the increase in the minimum wage doesn’t kill jobs, then they should eliminate the “sin” taxes because they don’t cut smoking and drinking.

The govt lied about WMDs, the Pentagon’s misplaced $trillions, the theft of the Social Security “trust fund”, Fast and Furious (gun running) in Mexico and Benghazi, IRS-targeting of conservatives, our fraudulent involvement in Ukraine and Syria, and what the definition of sex is or what the meaning of is, is. Govt Regulators let major corporations (donors) lie about fraudulently packaging mortgage-backed securities (MBS), rating them AAA when they were junk, and then selling them around the world, only to have them blow up in 2007-2008. The govt lied about the harm of unregulated derivatives that caused the financial crash, and the use of $700 Billion in Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funds that bailed out the banks after the crisis. But, the govt would never lie about their motives behind wanting to confiscate guns or why they promote the idea that man can alter our climate, which has always been oscillating.

Govt Regulators let their banksters lie about manipulating municipal bond and LIBOR rates, lets big pharma lie about harmful drugs, and the FDA lies about the food pyramid and GMO’s. Govt prosecutors lie about evidence that falsely jails innocent people, and judges take bribes from the prison industry that sends kids to jail to keep the utilization rate above target. Bush lied about 9-11 and the Saudi’s involvement, and the Clintons lie when they say they care about the people, when in fact the two most devastating pieces of legislation were signed by Bill – Gramm-Leach-Bliley, which repealed the key components of Glass-Steagall in 1999; and the 1998 Amendment to HEA, that made student loan debt the only debt that cannot be expunged through bankruptcy.

The list of lies could go on and on, and most already understand that govt and their donors are one big cesspool of lies, fraud, and self-serving corruption, but somehow they are telling the truth about global warming and guns. REALLY?!

The govt wants us to believe the “preponderance of evidence” that says man is responsible for altering the climate, even though they made the same definitive claims about WMD’s in Iraq, and scientists have PROVEN that the climate change models are bogus, not to mention that the climate has been oscillating since well before the dawn of man and the invention of the internal combustion engine. The motivations and claims by govt about man-made climate change and their reasons for wanting to take away our 2nd Amendment rights are nothing more than more than self-serving lies.

In this age of corporate media, where the Fairness Doctrine has been repealed and Edwin R. Murrow’s warnings over 50 years ago have come to fruition, it should be obvious that the so-called news is nothing but propaganda. So, why do so many people still believe the BS?  I don’t know, but it should alert everyone to the power of propaganda, and the need to question everything – even audience questions for presidential candidates.

The Climate Change Hoax

Everyone needs to watch Henrik Svensmark’s documentary on climate change and cosmic rays, and then ask themselves, why was this research denied publication for almost two years? As Armstrong has documented, “The majority of the establishment in academics ALWAYS rejects anything that contradicts their theories. Change must always come from the outside in, and never from the inside out.”

As renowned physicist and Democrat, Freeman Dyson, recently stated in an interview with The Register, “Pollution is quite separate to the climate problem: one can be solved, and the other cannot, and the public doesn’t understand that.” So, why does govt intentionally conflate pollution caused by fossil fuels with climate change?  The answer is easy, if one understands the history of govt’s.

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Is a Crash Inevitable?

Since many others have the same question, I highly recommend you read Armstrong’s answer.

There should be little doubt that the US will not be sheltered from the sovereign debt crisis that has only started to rear its ugly head, first in the PIIGS and is now moving on to the more indebted emerging economies and the BRICS. How bad will the spiraling vortex of debt and corruption get? The first thing one needs to understand to answer this question is, how will the govt treat protestors who voice their disgust over the black hole of govt corruption and largess that is imploding the productive capacity of the world? Will our govt treat protestors like those in Egypt, where 1,112 protestors have been sentenced to death, and more mass trials are scheduled. In predictable fashion, the US govt denounces these executions, but continues to send massive amounts of military aid to the junta in charge.

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OECD Ensuring We Will Crash and Burn

While the media tries to keep you in the dark about what really matters, the global elite are tightening the noose on Liberty. BTW, if anyone cares about the facts in the Zimmerman case, this may help.

On Friday, the rich governments of the world collaborated on how they can extract tax dollars from corporations and individuals, in their ongoing attempts to salvage their bankrupt countries and maintain their power and perks. How far will the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) go to prevent reforming their member countries bloated bureaucracies? Allow me to quote the Director of the OECD’s Centre for Tax Policy, Pascal Saint-Amans, who said:

“We clearly have reached the point where the governments don’t care any more about taboos, and they just say we cannot be bound by pure contractual arrangements.”

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Who Is Paranoid?


People like myself are considered paranoid, conspiracy nut jobs for wanting transparency and independent reporting on government activities. Who is it that’s tapping phone calls, forcing DNA swabs on anyone that even commits a minor traffic offence, wanting National ID cards that include iris scans, and then storing ALL this digital data in a massive NSA database? Who is paranoid? Why are they paranoid? It couldn’t be because those in government fear for their jobs, perks, and power when the house of cards they built collapses? Nah, that couldn’t be it?!?

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3-D Printed Gun is Now a Reality

If you’ve ever seen a 3-D printer in action, you’re aware of the massive potential of this disruptive technology. The Liberty inherent in a 3-D printers ability to make most anything in one’s own home has to scare the fascism right out of the elite. To exemplify the diffused power of 3-D printing, Cody Wilson set out to put the power of the 2nd Amendment in everyone’s hands by giving them the power to print their own gun. The actual act of providing the building blocks for a gun is trivial compared to the message this kid is trying to convey. What the Internet did to information, 3-D printing can do for Liberty. No wonder the govt wants to control the internet.

This interview with Cody Wilson is truly inspiring. If the future is reflected by youth like Cody, the future is bright. 3-D printing could very well be the next battleground for govt, who is hellbent on maintaining power. Therefore, I fully expect IBM, Microsoft, Apple, GE, and/or Google to buy up every patent and 3-D printing start-up and mothball it along side thorium reactors. I hope this next generation is much more involved than the last.