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NSA, Patriot Act, Bail-in’s, Govt Lies, & Poor Economy – It’s All Related!

A report was delivered to the President this week by a group of outside advisors regarding the NSA’s unconstitutional data collection techniques. Among many of the complaints cited in the report, the most unreported consequence of the NSA’s surveillance is the impact on commerce, and therefore capital flows and growth.

The report specifically mentions that, “Silicon Valley executives complained to Mr. Obama that the N.S.A. programs were undermining American competitiveness in offering cloud services or selling American-made hardware, which is now viewed as tainted.” A specific example was provided on Wednesday, when Brazil ditched Boeing jets, and grants $4.5 bln contract to Saab, citing NSA concerns.

What’s ironic about the concern from Silicon Valley is that it was the big tech companies that cooperated with the NSA (took money) to permit back-door access to their systems and data sharing. It’s almost as ironic as people giving the Fed credit for saving us from a financial collapse that was caused by the Fed; or the govt’s war on terrorism, drugs, poverty, and ignorance that are largely the result of its own insidious policies.

The violation of our Constitutional rights is obvious. So is the perjury by top “intelligence” brass, that should result in serious jail time. After all, if govt officials are permitted to lie with impunity, how do we know they are not lying every time they open their mouths? It is also important to understand the impact of a loss of trust and confidence in government on capital flows and growth.

However, the over-riding point that people should realize is that the NSA’s surveillance and data collection has nothing to do with stopping terrorism, and EVERYTHING to do with tracking down money for a broke government, and maintaining power.  General Alexander admitted months ago in his own words in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee that “one, perhaps two” plots were thwarted, and this new report says no proof exist that any of the NSA’s Constitutional violations have thwarted a single terrorist attack. Yet, people are still permitted to state on TV that if we had these unconstitutional tactics in place before 9/11, then the attacks could have been stopped. Based on what? The Govt had plenty of data that an attack was imminent, and they did nothing. The same thing is true about Bernie Madoff, MF Global, and all of the other cases of fraud and manipulation that have been documented over the last five years. Does it matter if the fraud was “missed” due to incompetence, neglect, or complicit behavior? In a free and just society, incompetence and neglect would result in business failure; and being complicit in a crime would also result in jail time. Only in govt can these type of activities result in bigger budgets, bonuses, and promises of high paying jobs in the private sector.

People have a hard time comprehending that it is their own govt that is at the heart of our biggest problems. After all, our political leaders tell us they are here to help. I’m sorry, but the facts and data say the opposite.  By its nature, govt must take money from its productive citizens to survive; and through its bureaucratic incompetence and inefficiencies, it does more harm than good for the groups it claims to help. The only people who benefit from govt, are those in govt.  If one does not yet understand the big picture or appreciate the Constitutional violations, they would at least have to admit that the NSA and DHS are incompetent, wasteful, and deserve to be shut down now. The only kind of security provided by the Dept of Homeland Security is of the investment type, and therefore they should at least take their security public.

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“Bail-ins” Are Coming

Do you think the “what-if” rescue option for the big banks in Switzerland will be any different that in the U.S.? Do you think the big money in Swiss banks will wait around for the next financial crisis to have their deposits bailed-in? If the big money flees, whose left to bail-in the banks? As the small depositors in Cyprus discovered, there is no such thing as “deposit insurance” when it comes down to you versus the banks.

Under a bail-in, Finma says it would distribute losses “across a range of
creditor groups” of the bank and, if applicable, its holding company. That would
include first shareholders, then bondholders and, as a last resort, “could”
include uninsured deposits of about 300 billion Swiss francs per bank.

Once again, I would refer you to STEP-2.

Henry Giroux’s “Rise of Neoliberalism” – More Leftist Propaganda or Naive Fantacy?

Whenever I read one of the anti-business, anti-free market manifesto’s, like Piketty’s “Capital”, Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine”, or Giroux’s “Rise of Neoliberalism”, I can’t tell if the author is a gov’t plant, propagandist, or they truly believe what they write. If they believe what they write, then what in their life formed their keen sense of imagination and fantasy? Do these people not realize that the arguments they make against neoliberalism are the same arguments that can be made against all forms of big govt – be it Socialism, Fascism, or Communism?

Who causes the economic “shocks” and false flags, and who benefits, and who has the power to thwart the opportunist? It doesn’t matter if the totalitarian power over people comes from a collaboration between large corporations and govt, or a complete govt monopoly, the result is the same – an unconstrained, centrally planned govt will ultimately go bankrupt and in the process forcibly drags society down with it, as govt runs out of other people’s money.

A recent example of this destructive trend is provided by Brazil, which just elected Rousseff on the pledges to deepen social benefits while simultaneously working to revive an economy. Good luck with that one. I guess as long as the masses keep believing these same oxymoronic promises, politicians will keep lying - just like Hillary, who recently stated at a fundraiser, “Don’t let anybody tell you it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs“. clip_image00211

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The Roads to Hell ALWAYS Emanates from Government

After re-listening to speeches by Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Professor Jeffrey Sachs, that were given during the heat of the subprime meltdown, I was reminded why we will crash and burn before any true reform will be proactively implemented.  The same pattern of propaganda can be seen in Ukraine, Syria, and Iraq, where the pyromaniac’s in govt call for the US fire department after the US sets the fires.

The path to recovery must start with first acknowledging that you have a problem – and government has a big problem. Unfortunately, we have far too many psychopaths and sociopaths in govt – and the ones that aren’t crazed by power are narcissistic and so full of hubris they are incapable of even apologizing, much less admitting they made a mistake or that govt is the problem. What’s worse is the followers of these self-centered people suffer a cognitive dissonance that’s so severe they will go down with the ship, as if they were Bernie Madoff’s wife.

Business owners are no different from citizens that vote for the politician that will give them the most hand-outs. Like most enterprises, corporations don’t like competition, and many will do anything to gain an advantage, including committing fraud and bribing politicians. Govt doesn’t like competition either, and because they have the most power, those in powerful positions like their perks and power and want to keep it – which leads to even greater abuse.

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Are Stocks Ready to Crash?

With all of the turmoil in Ukraine, Iraq, and Gaza, the sell-off in stocks over the last couple of weeks is causing many people to ask, is the top in for this Fed-induced bubble?  The short answer is NO. The bubble in govt hubris, that is turning the world against us, may have popped, but stocks are not done inflating. The reason has nothing do with traditional valuation methods, or even the Fed. Simply put, stocks will rise due to global capital flows that see no other alternative, at least for now.

As stated on April 5, 2014, the “Jaws of Death” pattern in the Dow (shown below), that was originally displayed on 1/31/2013 , still remains valid. At that time the upper boundary was around 17,000. As the bearish wedge expands, the upper boundary is now closer to 17,200. By the time the bubble burst in 4Q15, the upper boundary will be closer to 17,500. Since final legs can blast through resistance before crashing, making a guess where stocks will top out is about as futile as picking the top of the NASDAQ in Dec, 1999, when it rose another 85% in the final three months.

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OMG – First There Was Piketty and Now This …

First, the govt unleashed Piketty, and now they are calling in a favor from their biggest zillionaire donors, to once again distract the masses from the real source of the economic black hole – govt over spending to protect govt jobs, perks, and power. It’s amazing how the good intentions of zillionaire’s and govt can create so many paved roads to hell. Mr. Hanauer, you are right. The solution will not start in Washington, because no one in govt will downsize themselves as long as their careers are at stake.

I have a much easier solution, Nick. Why don’t you and your zillionaire buddies simply STOP bribing politicians for special tax exceptions, reversing banking laws (i.e. Glass-Steagall) that have already lit a derivative nuclear time bomb, and stop lobbying for anti-competitive laws that have given large corporations unfair competitive advantages, causing prices to rise instead of decline with technological improvements. The healthcare lobby is the biggest example of a fraudster industry that is destroying this country. How, you ask? Spending on healthcare has risen 9.3% per year for over 30 years. Put those numbers in your exponential calculator and smoke it! Combine this increase with Defense spending and unsustainable pension payments, and one can begin to understand how yearly govt deficits (and the accumulated interest payments on the debt) are now consuming such a large percentage of our productive capacity.

Nick, if you really want to help poor Americans and this country, then bring an end to the career politician. If you want real reform to start, and the rule of law to be observed, then fight for term limits. Unfortunately, the only thing that  scares a zillionaire more than sheeple brandishing pitchforks, is the rule of law.

The fact that Nick thinks his plan of a higher minimum wage will reduce the demand for govt services is exactly why it won’t happen. The govt will stop anything that reduces demand for its services. However, let’s assume Nick and his zillionaire friends are successful. What makes them think the supply of govt will be reduced with the demand for its services?

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Insider or Useful Idiot?

The so-called independent media continues to obstruct and lie about the massive fraud/corruption in govt and the economic destruction being caused by govt and their bosses in major corporations. For example, CBS reporter Cheryl Atkinson has resigned because of the out of control bias she witnessed and the difficulty of getting her hard-earned reports on air because they considered the truth about Obama. If you remember, Ms. Atkinson is the one that has been all over the Fast and Furious and Benghazi cover-ups, and “coincidentally” had her phone bugged by the govt.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard about Cheryl’s story, you may find it equally bizarre why you haven’t heard about the NSA masquerading as a Facebook server in order to infect users’ computers with Malware, which can spread to other Facebook users and collect files off their hard drives.

World run by sociopaths

A Sustainable Alternative to Socialism & Corporatism

“In the same way, those who possess wealth and power in poor nations must accept their own responsibilities. They must lead the fight for those basic reforms which alone can preserve the fabric of their societies. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”John F. Kennedy, First Anniversary of the Alliance For Progress


If one analyzes the current civil unrest that’s occurring all over the world, then the rippling economic collapse that’s headed our way is more obvious than the propaganda that spews from the mainstream media on a daily basis. Because the US media intentionally fails to report or misleads the public on the reasons behind the violent civil unrest that is occurring in places like Thailand, Ukraine, Turkey, Spain, Greece, Italy, Argentina, etc., most view the “incidents” as isolated and unrelated.

The common truths behind all the unrest abroad are the same problems plaguing the US economy – fraud, corruption, and debt. Each consequence of excessive govt translates into a loss of confidence and an economic death spiral caused by govt needing to confiscate ever greater sums of money from citizens to keep their own boat afloat. For example, Argentina just implemented a 50% tax on all internet purchases. Capital, like rats fleeing a sinking ship, finds safer places to hide (i.e. mattress, fine art, diamonds, real estate, precious metals, etc).  The increased cost of govt that is occurring all over the world is leaving hundreds of millions without jobs and the vice of stagflation tightening.  The citizens of the world are reaching their limits, and as Gerald Celente says, “when the people have nothing left to lose, they lose it”.

Ситуация в Киеве

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A Lesson from a World Class Trader

Martin Armstrong, who at one time may have been the most sought after money manager in the world, always assumes his trades are wrong. This skepticism forces him to quadruple check his assumptions and rationale. If only the mainstream media, pundits, and almost all of us would have the same discipline before offering up an opinion, or doubting what America is all about.

Most intellectually honest people have a good idea how we got ourselves in the current economic and ethical quagmire. Success breeds complacency and arrogance, and absolute success produces an absolute corruption of power. Yes, there are many people who have no clue, or want to keep their heads buried in the sand to keep from turning their idealistic world upside down. However, the silent majority values honesty, integrity, and all of the other traits that once made this county the envy of the world, and would at least support a movement to restore those values.

There are also proud Americans that use their memories of past successes to defend hijacked policies, or any politician that remotely trumpets values of yesteryear. Even though, those same politicians simultaneously abuse the trust for their own self-interest. Other Americans point to past abuses of power and human flaws as evidence that the American experiment is a failure, not acknowledging that those same abuses and flaws exist in every society. They also fail to realize things for what they are, like the fact that we have not had free-market capitalism for well over 30 years. Both of these groups need to quadruple check their assumptions, rationale, and recommended solutions.

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Media Perpetuates the Myth that Fed is Part of Govt

Open Letter to the Media:

In light of all the recent lies being told by government officials (i.e. Obamacare, Benghazi, NSA, manipulation of the unemployment rate prior to 2012 election, etc, etc, etc.); I thought it would be appropriate to ask the question about the biggest lie of all: Why do you perpetuate the fraud that the Fed is a part of the govt?

With the 100-year anniversary of the Federal Reserve fraud upon us, I thought I would pose this simple question to see if you are with us or against us. Don’t you think it would be worthwhile for the general public to know that the Federal Reserve, which so many seem to rely on for our economic salvation, is NOT part of government?  Do you think that if the general public knew that the Fed is nothing more than a banking cartel, it might explain the ineffectiveness of policies like QE?

I suppose since you never breathed a word about the NSA vacuuming up every bit of data on “free” people, even though you knew it was happening years before Snowden pulled back the curtain, I have little confidence in you even so much as parting your lips on this topic, except when you drop to your knees in front of your banker or boss.

You have not exposed this fraud at every opportunity. Therefore, one can only assume you’re against us. I hope you will prove me wrong, because without a free press, the needed reforms will only come after we crash and burn. Even if your only benefit from remaining mum is keeping your job, this proves your ethics are no better than the banksters that sold the dog sh*t that credit rating agencies knew was not AAA (yea, that would be the fraud that just caused JPM to get hit with the largest fine ever – $13 billion, but once again resulted in NO jail time and NO claw-back of bonuses).

Paying the govt back with govt printed money that’s been handed over to JPM, is the same MO as the much hyped payback of govt bailout funds to GM that were paid back with additional “loans” from the govt. $4 billion of the $13 billion fine against JPM was alloted for injured homeowners, and is to be paid in “communittee service like” credits. I would love to see the list of tasks that qualify as credits. I can see it now, a $100,000 credit for returning the phone call of a homeowner seeking a mortgage modification…but I digress.

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